Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Our favorite Mixed Juice and Smoothie;

*Right now, Smoothie became a fad in Japan* 
I had no idea what it was until TV introduced it recently. It seems that Smoothie is a sherbet type drink made by frozen fruits & sometimes vegetables are used. Links of what it is and pictures.  Actually, I've never tried it.  Have you tried it and liked it :-)
My favorite breakfast drink is milk-base Mixed Juice with strawberries and banana. I ask my husband to crush ice and mix them with two kinds of fruits & a bit of honey. Really refreshing and wakes me up in the morning.  Only if strawberries are available during the hot season :-)

For me, vegetable is not for a drink ^^;

(From here posting to Etymology page)
*Difference between "Beverage and Drink"*  
When I was writing this post, I whimsically thought about these two words. (wondering which word to use).  My image from 'beverage' was totally alcoholic and 'drink' includes both. Through fiddling pc, I learned that there isn't definite differences. Sort of according to the situation. They are the examples I found.

When you are asked by these words at the restaurant;  
   *What beverage do you have?    ←you need to pay for the drink. 
   *What would you like to drink?   ←whatever the drink you need 
                                                   (pay or not to pay like water or green tea)
"Let's go for a drink" among adults means alcohol. 
PS> I learned that a cold wave is hitting America right now. I DO hope my friends            are doing fine. Wishing you to get through the tough weather and survive!!!    
Visiting you tonight 


  1. Que suco apetitoso! Tá lindo o blog! abraços,chica

  2. Hello, Miyako! I usually hear what would you like to drink? And that could mean water, tea or alcohol. I tend to drink more water and coffee.

    I hope you are having a lovely week!

  3. Hi Miyako, Wow you are having a very busy start to the year blogging wise, I'm impressed! It's been fun catching up with all your news. My favourite drink that's easy it's a cup of English Breakfast Tea!
    See you soon
    Wren x

  4. fruit smoothies have been popular for a while here in the states. lots of folks who work out will use them to supplement their vitamins and protein intakes with additives. my favorite flavor has always been strawberry/banana, too. :)

  5. We love smoothies in our house, my dear friend, and my husband juices often, which means he puts a combination of fruits and vegetables into a juicer machine that turns them all into a liquid. In my part of the country, drink can have an alcohol connotation, while drink is also used as a catch-all phrase for any type of drink. Beverage here is more formal and not used as often.

  6. I love smoothies! Strawberry and banana is one of my favorite combination :-) I rarely make it at home, but sometimes get at a store.
    My general image for "drink" is alcohol when used as noun and alcohol/non-alcohol used as verb. But I agree, it's subject to the situation :-)
    It's been really cold here, but no snow and supposed to warm up. I hope friends up in north are ok.

  7. Hi dear Miyako. Yes, I have a juicing machine, and love to make them. Strangely enough, bananas and strawberries is one of my favourites as well, with a dash of honey! At the moment, here in England, our coast is being buffeted by torrential rain, gale force winds and waves up to 30 ft. high. Bring on the summer! Hugs to you my friend. x

  8. Hi Miyako it is so cold here right now, I am stuck inside. Too cold to think about smoothies, which I love, but when it is warmer! I also enjoy strawberry and banana together. It is nice that you can get green tea for free there. xo

  9. Hello Miyako! Unfortunately I do not like smoothies. Unless a chocolate milkshake counts..hehe. Yes it has been dangerously cold in the US and Canada. I haven't even been able to get to the beach! Lol hugs xx

  10. My favorite smoothies are strawberry and banana too Miyako. I don't like the vegetables ones either.
    It has been very cold here in Minnesota but supposed to warm up by the weekend.

  11. Hi Miyako sama!
    I have comination of fruiy and straberry but more only fruits and vegetables nomal way.
    We having a sunmmer weather for few days.
    I hope you having a better weather for you and Otosama.

  12. It is warm here in Florida Miyako, but we are different from most of the country.

    Our favorite smoothie is blueberry (my daughter grows them and always has extras). We freeze extra bananas and use them with the berries and a little milk or yogurt.


  13. Dearest Miyako,
    Interesting subject and it can be tricky at times which word to use. It is a kind of a hype to make smoothies of all sorts of veggies and fruits but I seldom do so. Eating fresh fruits and drinking plenty of water works well too.
    Enjoy your breakfast drink; strawberries are everybody's favorite I guess and also raspberries and blueberries.
    Hugs to you,

  14. Dearest Miyako,
    I like smooties! :o))

    Smoothies exist in many different variations. Many smoothies consist only of fruit. The banana often forms a basic ingredient. There are also smoothies with yogurt, milk or ice cream. I think my favourite mix is with coconut milk, pineapple (and possibly oranges). The blend of bananas and strawberries I love also very much!
    Thank you so much for your kind words about Austria! It is really a beautiful country. The wonderful Schloss Neuschwanstein, however, is located in the south of our neighboring country, Germany. Too bad, because I would like to have this dream castle in our country! But my German Blog Friends would probably be sad if they would lose Neuschwanstein to Austria ;o)) But the place is very close to the Bavarian-Austrian border.
    I myself live near Vienna, here we also have many wonderful sights - the Schönbrunn Palace , St. Stephen's Cathedral , the Hofburg , ... but Neuschwanstein is really something very special! (And I just know PHOTOS of it, I've never been there... it's a shame!)

    Very warm hugs to you,

  15. yes, a flu wave is hitting all over. Canada, U.S., Spain.

    keep healthy.

  16. Dear Miyako,

    I often make a banana milkshake for lunch and add strawberries and blueberries and it is so delicious.
    Hope you are enjoying the week and happy coming of age day