Sunday, September 29, 2013

Chestnut-rice (autumn flavor)

(posted; Japanese meal page)    
I had another birthday gift on my birthday this year
18th of this month, we had our eagerly awaited annual gift of chestnuts from our neighbor this year as well.  So, I cooked chestnuts-rice on my birthday. I had many gifts this year, harvest moon pictures(from husband), flower-basket(from cousins) and the chestnuts♬ I felt SO blessed this years birthday. I wished I hadn't got a cold soon after on that day, p;) 

I still am not in perfect condition, but getting better; 
short post of my birthday post sequence, 
Love you always, my friends


  1. Glad to hear you are feeling better dear Miyako and that you had a great birthday. The chestnut rice looks delicious :)

    Love from Singapore

  2. I hope you will feel better soon. So chesnuts with rice, that is something which I need to try!

  3. Miyako,

    Vim desejar melhoras pra você!
    Fique boa logo minha amiga!

  4. Dear Miyako,

    Happy belated birthday dear friend.
    My son Marcel shares the same birth date as you.
    Do hope you are feeling better and wishing you a happy week ahead.


  5. oh, that looks tasty! i bet it is! i am glad you are starting to feel a bit better! bless you, miyako.

  6. My dear Miyako, that dish does look very tasty, I must say. I am so pleased that you had such lovely gifts for your birthday. Hope you'll be feeling on top form again very soon dear friend. Hugs coming your way x

  7. So glad you are getting better ! Take it easy for a while longer, so that you don't relapse.

    The chestnut rice looks wonderful. I have never eaten chestnuts although they do grow in the US. I would like to try them someday.

  8. Hi Miyako san, so sorry you got cold :-( Glad you are getting better though :-) I hope you will fully recover soon!
    Your kuri-gohan looks delicious! I love love love kuri. What a nice birthday dinner you made!
    I wish you a lovely new week, Miyako san!

  9. Dearest Miyako,
    Wow, chestnuts those are yummy! You did learn from my grape scissors and here I learn about Chestnut Scissors:
    Hope those chestnuts did make you feel better.
    Thanks for sharing always very interesting things.

  10. Dear Miyako san!
    I wish you are feeling better now :-)
    Kuri-Gohan to atatakai Aka Miso Soup to Oagari kudasai mase.
    Miyako sama! anata no okara dani okiotukete kudasai mase.
    Otosama nimo kio tukete kudaasi mase!

  11. Feel better soon. I don't think I have ever had chestnuts. There's always a first time. Take care of yourself. xo Linda

  12. i have never had a chestnut!
    this looks so good!
    lovely presents you got for your birthday my friend.
    so glad you are on the mend..who gave you a cold for your birthday? !!! LOL !!

  13. Vim deixar um beijo desejando tudo de bom! chica

  14. Great to hear about your health.Looks you had a lovely birthday week.Loved all the pictures and your blog design.:)