Thursday, August 29, 2013

"Stroke Order of alphabet"

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Until recently, I haven't checked about the "Stroke Order" of alphabet. I found that there is no definition how to write correctly in the textbooks for children. Through PC site, I also learned that it doesn't matter unlike for the Chinese character we normally have to be really careful.  Otherwise, you won't be able to write calligraphy easily. 

as you can see, there is no showing of how to write;
As I have a 3rd grade of elementary school girl student and having little guests from time to time, I needed to verify it.  To my surprise, I found that the different stroke from my way are shown on the penmanship for kids. For "E or F", I usually start from horizontal line, not vertical line. "M & N; v & w" also kind of hard to write that way. 
      Haha, just letting you know my surprise of  "no right way to write" 

Plus, really sad not teaching cursive writing any more at school. I wish technology won't deprive people of handwriting much. 

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  1. Although my print is much nicer than my cursive, I, too, am sad they've done away with it, my dear friend. I love to do English calligraphy, and I can only imagine how much more detailed it is for your beautiful alphabet.

  2. funny, the things we take for granted. yes, we start with the vertical line first in 'e' or 'f'. :)

    my cursive writing was always a mixture of printing and cursive, but nowadays, it is terrible! :)

  3. yes..these look like the practice sheets here. my grandson got in the bad habit of doing certain letters"wrong" when he was learning to print,and even though i kept correcting him,he'd do them wrong. so,when he learned cursive,it was hard!!! he wrote o's and a's starting at the bottom and going around to the left!! bad habit was hard to "unlearn" !!
    sad that cursive is being left behind. technology is good,but the WRITTEN word is something that i think should never be lost.

  4. I wonder if in the future children will even know how to print!...they all seem to learn keyboarding before they are even in school nowadays.

    i was happy to see this post and your comments on mine, but I am not surprise you have not felt much like blogging in the terrible heat wave you've had. Don't feel guilty about not visiting ...very few of us are able to blog and comment every day! Sometimes I am too busy or just too tired too!

  5. Dearest Miyako,
    It sure is very sad that cursive writing will become pretty soon a lost art. Also writing with a good fountain pen... which I LOVE!

  6. Dearest Miyako sama!
    As you said until recentry I mever checked my correctly word on my writing for two years as you know it has been a long time and it will take more time with my therapists to get back to my old self physically,
    but I'am suffer suffering from after a bup on my head ha ha ha
    I'am started with golfing for few days ago it was hard time with most important to what can wait a bit we worry the worrying really does not help now!
    Watashi mo Ganbari masu Miyako sama sosite Otosama mone!!!

  7. I remember practicing writing hiragana, katakana and kanji in notebook. There was instruction for writing then. Nowadays children uses keyboard so I don't know how much hand writing they get to do. And when I type, computer corrects wrong spelling and all, I'm worried I will forget correct spell ;;
    I hope you are feeling better, Miyako san. Hopefully you have better weather in coming months!

  8. Dearest Miyako,

    thanks for sharing them. I downloaded and I will use for my homeschool;)
    great to have them
    thanks again
    I 've lost many of your post apologize for it.
    hugs to you