Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Extra Lucky Five-Leaf Clover;

We happened to get five leaf clover♫
A few months ago when my husband's ex-colleague's family came for soba-lunch, they also brought their two children (elementary kids). After forced to hear adult's talk for a while, they went outside of our house and started gathering clovers. My husband whimsically said, "Couldn't you find four leaf one; if you could, I'll be rewarding you with a little allowance."
The other day, we had a call from thier mother telling us that they made pressed flower (押し花, oshibana) out of clover and they even found five leaf one. He said, "promise with kids must be always kept!".  He went their house happily to get them. I found this page telling us it is extra-lucky v(^_^)v  My husband said he has an idea to keep it (maybe framing it with something), but keeping it secret to me how he'll do it p;)  They have another one for themselves, which relieved me. Haha, I thought we shouldn't have a monopoly on the extra luck. 

                     here are some pictures of them; one 5 leaf and many 4 leaf

I DO wish I can share some luck for my dear friends from this post♡♡♡


TexWisGirl said...

i have found four and five leaf clovers in our yard a few years ago. i love them! these are in really great shape! those kids did a great job! :)

Shelly said...

What a grand find, my dear friend! It is lovely, and clovers of any kind always cheer me. I hope you have a wonderful day!

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Miyako,
That is so very special and even more so because little children found them!

✿ chica said...

Lindo e que traga muita sorte! beijos,tudo de bom,chica

Claudia Moser said...

They were, I am sure, very happy!

Tamago said...

Wow five-leaf clover! How special!
I remember looking for four-leaf clover when I was small :-) How nice of your husband's ex-colleague's family to make oshibana! It's a great idea to frame it!
I hope the special clovers bring you lots of luck :-)

Cynthia said...

Oh, I love this post, Miyako. When I was a little girl, we used to spend hours looking for four leaf clovers. Was able to find a few, but never have I seen a 5 leaf clover! How special that your young friends shared these with you.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Those kids were great hunters. I've never found a five-leaf one, but a few fours (not recently though, so thank you for sharing your luck!)...

One of my grandmothers seemed to be able to find a four-leaf every time she went outside.

Michiko Johnson said...

Dearest Miyako san!
It was lovely to see five-leaf clover. How nice of your husband ex-colleague's family to make Oshibana Its great idea it!
I hope both of your the special clovers bring for lots of luck and
your young frends.
Okaradani kiotukite kudasaimase.

MangaMem said...

Hello Orchid!
What a cute and lucky story! Makes me want to go find my own! But it's raining outside.
Hope you have a wonderful day!

Ayu Maselli said...

How super duper lucky Miyako dear.
I have no lucky to find those 5 or even 4 leafs clover ;)
wishing you have a lucky and beautiful week