Wednesday, July 24, 2013

"Apron" an important item!

My lady friends might have the same experiences;

  I should have known better!!!
Having busy schedule, I cooked dinner neither changing nor wearing 'apron' the other night. I spilled oily source to one of my favorite summer outdoor clothes...
Reminded me of my mother's "overall apron; kappougi 割烹着"  About half a century ago in Japan, my mother's age, women wore these type of apron for both kimono and European clothes. Wearing white kappogi, I remember she looked shining with magical power of cooking.

*Etymology*     From Old French word  naperon  "small table-cloth,"
          In English, around 14th century called "naparon" 
          faulty separation  "a naparon → an apron"

It seems that apron existed even in ancient Egypt worn by royalty, clergy and so on as a symbol of power.  For the practical use, since around 16th century. 
      This page explains about it really well by citing old pictures ♬♬♬
      Ladies, let's not forget to wear apron when you cook (^^;)


  1. i don't even own one - as i don't really cook a lot either! :)

  2. I have several, hanging on a hook in my pantry, more for appearance as I never wear them! My mother and aunt always wore one! xo

  3. I remember my grandmothers both wearing aprons, and it seems they have disappeared mostly now, my dear friend. I hope the stain comes out of your clothes! Very interesting on the origin of the word~

  4. Gostei de ver! beijos praianos,chica

  5. My mother always wore an apron. I never remember ...but you are right, I should! Too many ruined clothes.

  6. Kappogi! 懐かしいです〜!
    My mom wears it, too. Her mom; my grandma used to wear, too and I remember her in kappogi very clearly. I can understand how shiny your mom looked in white kappogi :-)

    Thank you always for your sweet comments in my blog! The water dishes you saw in my last post are indeed for Goro and Niko :-) They are for their drinking water, but Goro always plays with these dishes..haha.

    Have a great week, Miyako san xoxo

  7. Dearest Miyako,
    As a little girl, my earliest memories are also of my Mom putting her apron on in the morning before starting a fire in the stove and cooking breakfast. I do have several aprons and yes, most of the time I think about putting them on. Especially with oil you can easily ruin your clothes. Depending on what the fabric content is. Vinegar might be able to soak it out.
    Wishing you good luck with it.

  8. Hello Miyako, I am afraid to say I do not own an apron. And my hubby would have to wear it, since he does most of the cooking. Cute post, I hope all is well. Have a happy weekend!

  9. yes, I also have experiences like yours. in our community, Mochituki is held in December. We have to wear 割烹着 to make mochi at that time though I never wear it in my house.I think it's a good and convenient apron.
    Thank you for your response to my mail address. I will continue....

  10. Deaest Miyako,
    Your naparon was I dent't know but Apron wa I can remember all the time.
    Have a nice weekend!
    You and otosama.
    I going to my teeth at the dentist 29th 07.and next one is are last day.
    maybe soon of August.

  11. I see vintage aprons at estate sales and have bought one or two of the fancy ones to sell in my shop. I don't wear an apron when cooking each day, but for big family dinners I wear one.

  12. my grandmothers and aunt wore them,my mother often...i have theirs. i don't wear one..which is why,when i cook,i sometimes say some not very nice words when stuff splashes on me!!!

  13. Dear Miyako,

    I always wear an apron when I am cooking have a hook on the back of the pantry door, which I hang it up.
    My Mother used to wear one, so I suppose I have just followed her.
    You sound busy with your life, hope you have a wonderful week

  14. Looking forward to hearing from you when your life is not so busy.
    I remember my grandmother and mother both wearing wrap around 'pinnies' to do the housework. I think pinny must be short for pinafore.
    Thank you for your kind comments about my hubby. He is doing well and just has to get walking longer distances again. At the moment it still causes him pain to walk but that should improve as the clot dissolves.
    Have a lovely week,


  15. I have a few aprons and love them they are a must when cooking with sauces and oils if one doesn't want their clothes to end up all dirty

  16. Hi;), sometimes I forget to use them ;)
    the last apron such pretty ;)

    thanks for sharing this apron's stories
    hugs to you