Friday, March 22, 2013

Orchid Exhibition no.2 (green day)

This March. 9th I have been to "Orchid Exhibition" held in my city with my friend. From various groups in our prefecture, about 400 of them were exhibited. Right after I enter the room, I was enchanted with the sweet fragrance they have. I took many pictures and feel sad there are other rare looking kinds I could have shown you if they were clear enough(^^;)   Would you please bear me with so many pictures today...

this one had the highest award; wish my picture was taken better

I was amazed to see the one called 'cobra'.  I was explained that the dotted parts are the flowers,

I was a little out of shape last couple of days and haven't got the energy to visit you, my friends.  I'll will be able to today in the afternoon (Japan time) ♬♬♬ 
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  1. How wonderful, and you know I love orchids! I wish I could see them live.
    I hope you feel better, I must say I am a bit worried

  2. Gorgeous orchids, Miyako! The flower exhibit must have been a fun visit. I am sorry you are not feeling well, take care. And I wish you well.

  3. Lindas todas!!Adorei! beijos,chica

  4. Beautiful!!
    I love them all!
    Have a nice weekend!

  5. Maravilhoas, maravilhosas! Linda exposição. Um grande abraço e final de semana abençoado!

  6. Oh, I hope you feel better soon, my dear friend!

    Thank you for these glorious pictures. I feel like I can almost smell them!

    I'm so glad you got to visit this wonderful event, and delighted that you took the time to share it with us.

    Feel better soon!

  7. Orquídeas lindíssimas das mais variadas formas e cores! Todas espectaculares. Obrigada por mostrá-las.Tenha um bom fim-de-semana. Abraço. Ailime

  8. Wow they are all soooo beautiful! What cheerful colors they have. I love them all and particularly fifth and seventh flowers. So pretty!
    We have been having cold weather this week but your photos made me feel like warm spring :-) Have a great weekend, Miyako san!

  9. Oh Miyako, I do hope that you will be feeling a little better by the time you read this my friend. Your photos are always really good, so I don't know why you keep apologizing for them (LOL!). My oh my, what an array of beautiful blooms. I can just imagine what it must have been like when you entered the room, with so many vibrant colours all around. Must have been a real treat for you and your friend. Enjoy the weekend, and try to relax a little! Hugs x

  10. your photos were beautiful - as were these most exotic blooms! i'm hoping you are feeling better, my dear friend!

  11. The photo's are beautiful, I can almost smell those Orchids.
    Love & Hugs

  12. Hope you are feeling better, Miyako. These photos are so beautiful, I love orchids, they are always so exquisite. Glad you were able to visit this exhibit. xo

  13. Dearest Orchid,
    Guess that in your first sentence you still are talking about the Orchid Exhibition...?
    That Cobra one is unusual; not a colorful one but different!
    Oh, having lived in orchid paradise, Indonesia, we can never get enough of them. Also in Singapore they had a heavenly display of orchids, year round at the airport. You would think you had gone to heaven already when walking around that airport!
    Hugs to you and hope you will soon fluff back.

  14. Linda exposição, de encher os olhos, a branca com miolo amarelo é magnífica! Adorei, um abraço!

  15. Miyako san!
    I love yours way sweet fragrance with many pictures and feel sad were enough with us many pictures.
    Mada samui nodesho ne?
    Karadani kio tukete kudasai mase...
    Otosan to onagiku okurashi kudasai mase.

  16. Miyako,

    Essas orquídeas são exuberantes, e você é uma ótima fotógrafa.
    Um lindo final de semana. Abraços

  17. Heavenly! I would love to see that exhibition!

  18. Oh honey, these pictures are so gorgeous! Thank you fro bringing such light to my cloudy day. You are such a precious lady and friend. Mina