Saturday, March 23, 2013

Many thanks for your concern and my big mistake...

Thank you very much for the sweet words for my health. I have been having upset stomach but slowly getting better. 

You must have realized my big mistake in my former post. I put 'Exhaustion' for 'Exhibition'.  Actually, I'm using the software called 'ATOK' which gives me list of words just after putting a couple of alphabet. I must have hit the wrong 'presumed word'.  I always reread my post; still didn't realize it, p;)   How careless of me and I thought of the big difference of the meaning.  You can see from the screen shot that I hit the wrong word and not intentionally putting the different one...  I bought this software when I started blogging and very useful when typing both in Japanese and English. I wished to explain how it happened.  (orders of the words in the list keep changing) 

Thank you for stopping by and hope you will have a wonderful weekend♬♬♬   


  1. Hello Miyako, We are just happy that you are feeling better! Take care and have a happy weekend!

  2. I do hope you are feeling completely well, and very soon, my dear friend! Please take care of yourself. And please do not worry about the typo. I do it all the time.

  3. i saw that but thought it was cute - and if you have an overabundance of something - even orchids - you can certainly label it exhaustion!

  4. As long as you are feeling much better, then all is good! Have a nice rest of the weekend and a great week ahead. xo

  5. Oh Miyako, do not worry about mistakes like that! English is my first (and only*) language and I still make mistakes like that. (My IPAD particularly loves to correct my words to something I do not want to say --- and I don't always catch it on time). I am glad you are feeling better! Stay well.

    * I am embarrassed to say that I know only one language. I wish it were otherwise.

  6. Glad you are well and I also make mistakes on my blog. Have a lovely weekend!

  7. Just happy you are feeling better!

  8. Miyakoさん、胃の調子が悪いなんて、お辛いですね。でも少しずつでも良くなっているようで、良かったです。季節の変わり目は体調を崩しやすいので、お互い気をつけましょう!

    今日は日本語でコメント♪Have a wonderful weekend, Miyako san!!

  9. Hi dear Miyako. Such a pretty header you have on your blog. It always looks so lovely over here! As you can see, we are all just so pleased that you are feeling a bit better. We knew what you meant, anyway!! Take care and keep well!

  10. Dearest Orchid,
    Oh my, I have done this too. Not using the kind of software you mention but trying to write a post and editing but still. I felt embarrassed when I found that with my circle vase of 9 bud vases joined together in two layers I had actually written 'joint'... Like smoking a joint! Maybe it was in my mind after having to sit through a criminal case at the courthouse, being jury and foreperson. But I did correct it when I wrote my second post about this vase.
    Don't worry, we need to have a good laugh at ourselves at times. Hope you do feel better; that is far more important!
    Hugs from one that admires you for such ability to communicate in English, considering the vast difference.

  11. So glad you are feeling better Miyako.
    I loved all the orchids in your last post, so beautiful and such variety.
    Like TexWisGirl, I too thought it was a cute mistake you made with the word and could quite easily have fitted what you were saying.

    Take care, love from me over here to you over there.

  12. Dear Miyako,

    So happy to hear that you are feeling better, and may you continue to keep well.
    The orchids are all so very beautiful and what an amazing show it must have been.
    Easy to see how you made the mistake and don't worry.

    Hope that you are having a lovely weekend
    Sending hugs

  13. I'm glad you are getting better.
    My stomach also isn't tough very much. So I undergo health check by a gastrocamera once a year.
    Have a nice week!