Saturday, December 8, 2012

Green Day and Saving time lunch at hotel plus Christmas Present

  *Hello Friends, how are you doing?  I hope your Dec. is not so busy*
I am having really busy days☆☆☆  We call Dec, "師走(Shiwasu), which literally (from the Chinese character) means "teachers or run around". This word reflects the busiest month of the year; I'll paste the page here about the old way of calling each month in Japan. We no longer use these terms, just ordinal number and the month; like " 1月・ first month".  I found it fascinating to know about other month as well. I think I always learn something about my own culture when I try to tell you.

"quote; For Shiwasu, you must know that in older days, people bought everything on credit and must pay it at the end of year and schools were operated individual teacher and he had to collect the tuition fee by himself for his payment. Teachers were very busy in this month. Of course, ordinary people were also busy. But teachers are usually enjoy rather noble life and his busy appearance was funny."

I could talk my husband into having (about 1,000 lunch) at the local hotel to save time while visiting father, students' term tests and lots of other errands. We were welcomed by the balloon Santa and Christmas Trees were decorated inside of the hotel.

* Funny Christmas Present*

He is sometimes bothered my asking what TV said.  He must have tired of it and bought me this sound collector which he found through adds in the paper. I have an old analog one using especially when teaching. Although these are NOT the "over the ear" type and kind of a hassle to carry, I found putting earphones in both ears are more helpful. And less uncomfortable resonating sounds. Besides these, with comparatively reasonable price, hehe.

PS> I am trying hard to catch up visiting you, my friends☆☆☆ I DO hope you all are doing fine at this hectic time of the year. And also wish that the Christmas Tree can be appropriate for  Green Day at Raindrops and Daisies.


  1. Linda árvore e que belo e útil presente...beijos,ótimo fim de semana!chica

  2. Dear Miyako,
    It's always nice to visit your blog, I learn something new each time. December is a hectic month for many of us I think. But I try to take it easy. Good that you had the opportunity to go out to the hotel, beautiful decorations. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for your comments. Have a lovely Saturday my friend.
    Hugs from Ireland.


  3. Miyako,

    Lindas essas imagens da decoração de Natal do Hotel.
    Eu não conhecia esse tipo de aparelho. Muito interessante, mas eu preferia um que eu não ouvisse nenhum ruido de TV. Risos.
    Um lindo dia! Abraços.

  4. Nice tree at the restaurant, we will arrange ours only on the 23rd of December. Till then I displayed many many decorations :) happy weekend!

  5. Hi Miyako, December is a busy month. wit parties, family get togethers and shopping. I love the pretty tree and the cute snowman. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I wish you a very happy weekend!

  6. Hello Miyako. I enjoyed reading about the "busy teacher" month, it is interesting learning about other cultures.
    I haven't done any decorating yet but have a little heap of presents on the floor where the Christmas tree should be - my GKB says I'll have to move them before the grand kids get here tomorrow but I think I'll leave them and maybe he will get the tree in from the garage for me. :D)


  7. Piękne świąteczne przywitanie. Podobają mi się ozdoby. Pozdrawiam.
    Beautiful festive greeting. I like the decorations. Yours.

  8. Dear Miyako,

    I enjoyed your post and seeing the Christmas photos, love the Snowman and Christmas tree.
    It really does seem to be a busy time of the year.
    Have a lovely weekend and preparation for Christmas.
    Thanks for visiting me.

    Sending hugs

  9. oh, the headphone sound amplifier is a good gift! nice of him!

    and i liked the explanation of the poor teachers having to run around and collect their own payment by year end. hard to stay dignified, i'm sure! :)

  10. Dear Miyako,
    Once again I've learned something new by coming for a visit. It would seem that December is a busy month for people of many cultures. I'm still trying to get things ready for gift giving and decorating my home for those who come to visit during the holidays. At least I don't need to run around town collecting my teaching fees. :0) Don't feel too bad about not getting around to all of the blogs for a visit. I think most of us are having the same problem. I am sure I have missed plenty between being busy getting ready for the holidays and having some health issues. As you said in your post, this is a very busy month. Wishing you a happy and not too busy month.
    Love from your bs at the NP

  11. Very fascinating, my dear friend Miyako! I can just imagine how hectic it was for teachers who had to collect their payments in December. I am thankful I don't have to do that!

    So enjoyed your Christmas pictures, too. Have a wonderful weekend, my friend!

  12. December sure is a busy time of year for lots of people isn't it?
    What a thoughtful gift from your husband.
    Have a lovely weekend and please don't worry about not commenting often, I seem to have fallen behind as well. :)

  13. Yes it is Shiwasu and the busiest time of the year!! I feel like I am running!
    Like you, I learn something about Japanese culture when I try to tell to someone. I have vague knowledge about things but I need to collect concrete information in order to explain it to someone. I think it's a good thing :-)
    These Christmas trees are so pretty! I love the one with flowers. The sound collector is a very nice and thoughtful present!! I wish you a wonderful holiday season!

  14. lovely photos dear Miyako san!! i adore the tree with the flowers on it!!!

  15. Dearest Miyako san,
    I have logger friends to meet so sometimes you will see me eyes open read the post and write my comments.
    Had a nice smile after reading this post,well written with the exact amount of humor,looking for flow from you.
    Otosan to tanoshiku happy time.

  16. ✿✿°•.
    Fotos super lindas!
    A decoração de Natal do seu blog está maravilhosa!

    Bom domingo!
    Boa semana!

  17. My dear Miyako, lovely to see you here again. I love that photo of Miyako's present. Hee Hee. I do hope that it will help you with your hearing :) Glad that you had a nice meal at the Hotel, and I loved the decorations that they had there. December is always a busy month, but I think we must also think of the real meaning of what this time is all about. I love coming over here, as I always learn so much from your posts dear friend. Hugs to you xx

  18. The idea of a teacher rushing around reminds me of a Hiroshige print, people always seemed to be rushing in his drawings. Well done for persuading hubby into buying a nice meal! xx

  19. Apologize my dear Miyako,

    I have lost this post..
    such a a great headphone useful for sure. so kind of him.
    x'mast tree why not something green no?

    have a nice busy day
    hear you soon

  20. Adorei os artigos natalinos e o presente, bem apropriado! Um abraço!