Sunday, November 11, 2012

Misheard In the Car♪  

Today, I will try write my post without a picture and all in English, unusual for me and wishing not to bore you.

As I wrote in my previous post, the prayers and the charm from the shrine is working and had no car accident. However, the other day while he was driving, my husband burst out laughing to hear my response for what he said. And almost caused an accident p;)

The day before, he brought Soba to his ex-colleague whose family has 2 little children (first grade of elementary school boy and 4 years old girl). As his family had been to my house several times, I know his wife and lovely two little kids.

In the car for shopping, I misheard what he said that there was a big fight in the family.  In Japanese, it's "大喧嘩、oogenka"   I said, "OMG, is that a serious one? Hope the sweet little girl wasn't hurt from her brother"  There was a few seconds of silence. Even though I have no hearing with right ear and left ear is getting worse, I have had no trouble talking with him in the car. "What are you talking about?" he said to me startled.
Actually, he said that his house had been changed to "ooru-denka;オール電化", which means their house is now an all electric home.  Haha, both sounds kind similar but have such different meanings(^^;)  I was speechless and he laughed so hard that it looked as if he mishandled his driving for a second.
I tend to hear things which was not clear with guesswork. Thinking back the moment, I felt so lucky we were not driving busy hour.

He said that he heard sweet words from the boy; "My dear uncle, don't you make me worry, we thought something was wrong with you. Waiting eagerly for the soba" In Japanese, he used the word "首を長くして待ってた。;  my neck got long waiting (it's a Japanese idiom, sorry for my bad literal translation)"

I DO hope my Roman Character can send the similarity of the sound. Is there any experience or the similar sound words easily cause misunderstanding in English?
We are not considering for all electric home; wonder how convenient it would be.

Thank you SO much for reading this post;  
I hope you all will have a wonderful new week, friends.


  1. This was such a funny and delightful post, my dear friend Miyako! I laughed, as well!

    And yes, that happens to me more often than I like because of my deafness. If I can't see a person's mouth when they speak, I can get in all kinds of trouble.

    I am glad he didn't wreck the car while laughing!

  2. Hahahahahah... Miyako Dear you made laughing. so funny post!I enjoyed reading this.
    I have always this problem too ha;)with my poor english and poor italian
    hoping you a beautiful weekend..myfriend

  3. Dear Miyako,
    It would seem we have this in common. I have often misunderstood what was being said. With my poor hearing and my son not speaking clearly this happens often. Sometimes it is funny and we both laugh. Wishing you a wonderful week. Love from your bs.

  4. big difference in 'big fight' and 'all electric'. :)

  5. Great job here, Miyako. I would never want an "all electric" house. If there is a power outage, well, not nice to even think about! I notice my hearing is not that great anymore, I misunderstand names, etc. I couldn't understand my friend's GPS in the car. Good thing my friend did. xo

  6. ¸.•°✿⊱╮╮

    Boa semana!

  7. I'm glad it was "all electric" and not "a big fight"!

  8. I have to wear hearing aids and without them I will often misunderstand words sometimes I will start to laugh while talking to someone because I heard something different to what was said and my common sense has told me I had heard wrong so I laugh........I am good at guessing what was said easier then asking for things to be repeated all the time.........

  9. Just last night my husband said something that I misheard. It is so easy to do. What source of power do you use?

  10. my father pretended not to hear when it was mom always laughed about it!
    when my allergies are bad,i don't hear well..i hear the sound, but the words are "mushed"! also,there are times i hear the words, but they "go in one ear and out the other"!!!my husband has had a hearing loss since i met him..lost hearing in his ear from his time in Viet Nam .
    all electric..not for me!! ...too expensive! my electric bill is high enough!!!

  11. Dearest Miyako san,
    Nice story and this happens all the time with everyone I bet! In a noisy room etc. Whenever I get a strange reply I know the person talking did not get it right so better explain again or repeat what someone else just said.
    We do have and all electric home. Heating, cooling, cooking, water for the boiler etc.
    That we have already for 29 years now.
    Hugs to you,

  12. Dear Miyako!
    This makes me laugh! The words are really similar but mean completely different things! I can see how you might have misheard. It's always lovely to read your blog!


  13. LOL!! Oh Miyako san, that's a good one! Even though you got so worried, I would laugh with your husband! All electric home sounds nice, by the way!
    Sometimes miscommunication happens when I talk to my husband, which is because I mispronounce. Like crab and club. Fortunately we haven't have accidents yet, either :-)

  14. Dear Miyako,
    That was a bit funny hehe!
    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for your lovely comments, I really do appreciate them.
    Have a lovely week!


  15. That sounds like something I might do. Certainly made me smile reading your post.

  16. Hello Miyako, my hubby wears a hearing aid and we always have these little misunderstandings. He will change the whole meaning of what I say to him because he misses a word or does not hear me. Sometimes it can be funny and sometimes frustrating. I am glad there was not much traffic around for your hubby driving. Wishing you a happy day today.

  17. Great story, you made me smile and your command of the English language is impressive.