Friday, November 9, 2012

Green Day; Camphor Tree

First of all, I am SO sorry that I couldn't leave comment at all to my dear friends. As I wrote before, I was so tied up with personal things and also was feeling a bit tired. I'll start after finishing to write this post from this afternoon. I promise my friends☆☆☆ Would you let me write the post for "green day?  I'd appreciate it if you understand me. 

Yesterday, my friend took me to the Okazaki Hachimangu "岡﨑八幡宮", which is a shrine in my city. The particular shrine has a big Camphor Tree which is more then 700 years old. And when my husband bought our car, we went there to have the ritual to pray for not to have any accident with the new one.  Luckily, our precaution is working very well and no accident up until now (*^_^*)   The town was annexed to my city many years ago and it used to be called "Camphor Tree-town, 楠町(kusunoki-chou)".  Obviously, the tree symbolize the town and I hope this tree will keep protect us with its special way.  

The head priest kindly offered us sacred sake which was made by the shrine.  He said that the rice is ancient kind. And this shrine is one of the four shrines that allowed to make sacred sake.  I hope having this scred sake helps me bring back more energy as well (^^;)
I took the picture of the shell (called Phaedusa sieboldtii) living in the Camphor tree, amazing, isn't it☆☆☆  The priest showed us the real one. It is named after the German Doctor who first found it. Any Japanese know Dr. Sieboldtii.  The sea used to be really close to the tree and this type of shell can live without food almost a year. For that reason it became sort of a guardian and people used to take it for the sake of the safety of the trip and bring it back there after coming back. Now, we have a charm made from the shell.      

And for the extra of this post;  this is the 5th biggest Camphor Tree in Japan located in Kawako in Saga-pref. I been there with the same friend and others 5 years ago.

    I'll link this post Green Day hosted by Fiona at Raindrops and Daisies

Thank you very much for stopping by, friends!!!  It's about 10:30 in the morning in Japan.  Need to go for an errand: See you in the afternoon♡♡♡ I hope my poor English explanation can make you understand a little;


  1. How great it is to see a post from you, my dear friend Miyako!

    That is a gorgeous tree, and I loved learning more about it.

    I so hope you are alright- are you feeling any better?

    And is there trouble with the car?

    I hope and pray all is well with you! Please take care of yourself and don't worry yourself with commenting until you feel well~

  2. it is a spectacular tree! so huge and gorgeous! i like the shrine and the traditions of praying for protection and energy from the site. i hope you remain safe and well. :)

  3. Dearest Miyako san,
    Certainly I do hope that this camphor tree will keep protecting you in its special way. Quite a monumental tree and I LOVE that. You explained very well about everything.
    Hugs to you,

  4. Miyako, that is such a beautiful tree. I have never seen a tree like this. And 700 years old is impressive. I hope it continues to protect you and your town. I hope the saki helps too. ((hugs)) xo

  5. wow! I love the shape of that tree - I bet it could tell a few stories hey?

  6. 700 y/o amazing...sooo..old tree!
    wow!amazing. hoping those tree protect your town some way.nice story Miyako.

    have a nice week end my friend

  7. What a big camphor tree it is! And I was surprised with the shell. It's vital energies are amazing. They must protect you and people.
    Have a nice weekend!

  8. Oh my Miyako what a beautiful tree.Thank you for a lovely post.I have learned a new thing today.
    Hope you are well.
    Love & Hugs


  9. Hi Miyako san, the tree looks amazing! Huge and beautiful! And I'm more amazed by the shell. It's living in the tree! Wow!
    I hope you feel better, Miyako san. Hopefully the sacred sake does magic for you. Or maybe Yomeishu will help bring energy back, too :-)
    Have a great weekebd, Miyako san!

  10. I live next to a wood with many big old trees, but none are 700 years old. I love Camphor Trees, I know a sacred one appears in my favorite Japanese film My Neighbour Totoro. I wish we had sacred trees in the UK, well ones that are openly worshiped. I find Shinto so interesting.
    thank you so much for sharing! I hope you're feeling ok!
    Clare xxxx

  11. Dear Miyako,

    I enjoyed reading your post and seeing your wonderful photos, thanks for sharing.
    The tree is so beautiful and big and always neat to see a lovely old tree.
    For my 21st birthday, my parents gave me a carved glory box made out of camphor wood. It still has a wonderful smell when you open it.
    Thanks for sharing

    Happy weekend,

  12. Dear Miyako, beautiful photographs. I have never seen a tree like this. Thanks for sharing all that; I'm always so happy when I learn more about Japan.

    I hope you are feeling better my friend!

    Have a lovely weekend!
    Gaby xo

  13. Good morning! thank you for visiting!
    Yous photos are delicious...

  14. Tudo lindo, adorei a cânfora e desejo que o arroz sagrado traga toda energia e sorte pra ti! beijos,chica

  15. Hello Miyako, beautiful old tree! The shrine is beautiful too and I love the cute shell. It makes a pretty charm! Lovely post, have a happy weekend!

  16. What a beautiful old tree and that shrine so pretty also, I enjoyed leaning something new.

  17. Dearest Miyako san!
    The photos about camphor trees are beautiful.
    Okazaki hachimango is very well NO ACCIDENT STIIL NOW.
    Watashino karadawa mama desu ha ha ha....
    Watashimo nagaikoto ritumal to play for sacred sake only more Japanes people photos about camphor trees...
    Have a good weekend with anatano otosan-to!

  18. so wonderful!!! Happy Weekend!!

  19. Wonderful post! Magnificent tree!

  20. Puxa, eu não sabia que a cânfora vinha de árvores tão frondosas! Lindas imagens e texto, um abraço!

    O mirante da imagem

  21. Meu Deus que árvores mais lindas!

  22. What gorgeous shots. I hope your visit helps you feel full of energy and well being!

  23. My first time to your blog. I enjoyed your post and your photos. The old camphor tree is very beautiful.

  24. Calling by from Our World Tuesday, I enjoyed sharing your world here with you today.

  25. As árvores são lindas!
    que o arroz sagrado lhe traga tudo de bom

  26. I love the shape of that wonderful old camphor tree. Thank you for explaining some of the rituals.