Monday, September 24, 2012

*Our Weekend* and Green Day ♪

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Hello Friends, I am so sorry that I'm not able to visit you. I will from tomorrow after finishing some personal things today.

Last Friday, we left home to the hotel where is about less than 2hours drive to get together with my husband's 99 year old aunt and cousins from Osaka. We were to attend hubby's other cousin's memorial ceremony next day.  We had passed some large rice paddies; we are having in the harvesting season right now. Kind of lovely to have a chance to see these paddies♪  Due to the rice acreage reduction policy, they are drastically reduced. I enjoyed the idyllic scene sitting in the passenger seat. I asked hubby to stop and took some photos.

And then, unexpectedly we found a little corner of the foot bath. I am sorry that it might be hard to see that hubby and the kind stranger putting their feet in the hot spa.

Close to the foot-bath, there were an old little house with thatched roof.  And it happened to be registered as a tangible cultural asset. This house was owned by a vassal to the lord of this area during the Edo-era.  We had two surprising finding during the nice drive.  Even though the family name is the same one with ours,  nothng to do with our family(*^_^*) 

                                            I took a picture of the signboard.

After a couple of fun stopping, we arrived at the hotel;
I hope the Japanese hotel interest you a little. There was a beutiful garden and fancy connecting corridor to  the rooms.

And enjoyed the tasty Japanese style dinner togather with them. Also after dinner hot spa (not the foot bath, haha) was really relaxing. During the drive, I saw some cosmos blooming and wanted to use the flower somewhere in here.

Attending the memorial service the day before, they visited us yesterday (Sunday).
Here is my hubby's sweet 99 year old aunt, who kindly took care of him until we married after he had lost his mother when he was 23 years old.  (his father also died young when my hubby was a child due to weak physical condition serving the war)
His cousins stopped by to our house and we were happy they enjoyed hubby's soba and chatting together.

Thank you very much for stopping by and visiting you soon...

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  1. Love the photos Miyako. The rice paddies, I never saw them before. And the hotel looks very beautiful. It is a blessing to be able to spend time with family, especially when they are 99 years old. xo

  2. how very nice that you got to spend several days visiting with your husband's family. 99 yrs. old. wonderful!

    the rice paddies are beautiful and green. the thatched home is lovely, too - glad it is a cultural treasure. the hotel looks beautiful, too.

  3. Hello Miyako, what a lovely post. The rice paddies are pretty and I love the beautiful garden and hotel. It is wonderful that you were able to spend time with your husband's family. I wish you a happy week ahead.

  4. It must have been very relaxing driving past those rice fields - they are so pretty. Your hotel looks nice and I am sure that dinner was delicious. Thanks for sharing your part of the world again.

  5. I am tranfixed by the beauty in all your pics, my dear friend Miyako! What lovely, lovely times you all had. Also what a blessing for you all to have the dear 99 year old auntie to visit and enjoy. I think I would have liked the spa very much, too!

  6. Dearest Miyako san,

    Very lush rice fields you show us here. Good for you to take photos.
    Such a hot foot bath must be very relaxing and making you feel good. Did you get one too?
    Very nice dining room in the hotel. Funny those chair seats with cushion and no legs under them. For me it is no problem to eat like that but a lot of western people will have great difficulty.
    The food looks yummy.
    Love the way you did beautify the photos with the cosmos!
    And than your dinner table at home with your family. Amazing that your husband's aunt is 99 years old. She looks fine, hope she enjoys some more years with the family.
    Hugs to you,

  7. Your photos are beautiful! I love the rice paddy and the hotel. So nice you could spend time with your family and your husband's 99 year old aunt.

  8. Schöner Beitrag mit tollen Fotos, da möchten man mal hin...

    Lieben Gruß

  9. All these photographs are so beautiful! I would dearly love to visit a hotel like that one, it's so beautiful! xxx

  10. Hi Miyako san. What a beautiful scenery with tanbo! It's too bad they are reduced on a large scale. I love foot bath. When my husband and I traveled in Japan, we walked a lot. The foot bath helped to relax our exhausted feet :-)
    The old house and hotel are both beautiful. I love Japanese style buildings!
    Your husband's aunt sounds very sweet! And she looks very young for her age :-) Glad you had a great time together!

  11. Oh honey, what a marvelous journey! I love your images, the fields, the foot bath, the hotel, the food and family. How wonderful of you to share this splendor with all of us sweetie. Sending you many hugs from Tennessee. Mina

  12. Wonderful !

    May time and life please continue to treat you all kind.

  13. Miyako sama,
    Yaha ri japanese wa itumo kirai desune.
    Anatano kirina otegami ga itumo wreshiku omoimasu.
    Osaka ni itumo ikaremasune...
    Anata no husband's with her was very will.
    Anatamo itumademo genkini okurashi kudasai mase.
    I love so much with you Miyako san.
    In the Japan that is easy for wish your family.

  14. ohhhh... I would LOVE to have a foot bath !!!!!!
    Love, Lorraine

  15. Dear Miyako,

    What a beautiful trip you had and thanks for sharing your photos.
    I loved seeing the rice paddies and the Hotel looks wonderful with the gorgeous manicured trees and shrubs.
    Glad you had a lovely time with your family.

    Hope you have a great week

  16. The rice paddies are really a sight to look at.. very relaxing and calming too. It's nice to know that your hubby is still very close to his aunt who took care of him.

    Enjoy the rest of the week. Take care :)

  17. Oh how I wish they had foot baths here in Canada! Very relaxing I would think. I love the hotel you stayed in. It is just lovely. I'm glad you could go to the memorial and see your family. God bless dear friend.

  18. Oh Miyako what wonderful photos you have shared and I have to tell you I do like learning more about the Japanese culture.

  19. Miyako,

    Wonderful photos!
    99 years old? My great-grandmother lived 101 years old. It is God's blessing!
    Happy Green Day!

  20. Linda plantação de arroz e todas as fotos e a tia de 99 anos? Muito bom!! beijos,chica

  21. It's so interesting seeing the beautiful photos of Japan. The gardens and architecture are very striking!

  22. Lindíssimas fotos! Um paraíso como diz!
    E que maravilhoso é estar rodeada de tão linda família na companhia da tia com 99 anos de idade!
    Aderi também ao Green day!

  23. Que bom que você parou e fez essas belas fotos e depois compartilhou conosco. Obrigada.

  24. Oh, how lovely it is to glimpse the area where you traveled. so different from ours. One of the things I like about this link up.
    Mama Bear

  25. Olá, que imagens magníficas! Amei conhecer seu blog, essa plantação de arroz, sua família e a tia de 99! Que bênção! Tudo de bom! Meu grande abraço!

  26. Such great photos that really capture life have a great weekend

  27. Miyako Dear',

    beautiful rice field..make me homesick.Besides I love japanese house and food;)
    love to you from Rome