Monday, September 10, 2012

First Chestnut-Rice this year♪

(posted; Japanese meal page)
Wow, early first chestnuts this year♬♬♬
Every year in September, we are expecting to have chestnuts from one of our neighbors. Enjoyed the fall flavor for the first time this year.  I took pictures of them.

chestnut-rice I made
cooked vegetable with soy-source base soup

One of my next door neighbor (who is not the one match-maker of us I mentioed before) have parents who own mountain. And every year we have the privilege to have fresh chestnuts from them. Hubby happily did the peeling job for the rice (^^;)
Had a yummy dinner tonight♬♬♬

PS. I will be busy for a while for upcoming memorial service of my bro and mom. Haha, lots of preparation as well as cleaning of the empy house and weeding. 
See you after more than a week later.


  1. a memorial service for your brother and mother? i am hoping their passing was not recent, and if so, my condolences to you.

    the chestnuts look very interesting!

    (in the US, we use the phrase 'pillar of the community' to describe someone who is well-respected and esteemed in the area. the word 'pillar' can also mean 'column'. so i did a word-play to describe these big homes with ornate columns in my town.) :)

  2. Those chestnuts look so beautiful, Miyako. My mother loved them. We always have them on the table for Thanksgiving dinner. I like to put them in my stuffing for the turkey.
    Don't work too hard, though, rest every now and then. ((hugs)) xo

  3. Ohhh mikaku no aki has arrived! Your chestnut rice looks very yummy! It feels I can almost smell cooked kuri :-)
    Sounds like you have lots of things to do, but please don't work too hard. I hope the memorial service will go smoothly. Please take very good care of yourself, Miyako san!

  4. Dearest Miyako san,

    That looks like a very yummy dish! Personally I LOVE chestnuts.
    Don't worry about your busy schedule, those emotional duties are important to attend to. We will wait for you.
    Hugs and love from your American friend.

  5. Jeder Tag ist ein Geschenk, Dein Blog in Wort und Bild bringt mir die Freude...

    Lieben Gruß und Sonne im Herzen

  6. Hi Miyako san,
    You have a nice neighbor. So your chestnut rice has many chestnut! So gorgeous yummy.
    I like it,too.
    You will be busy, so take care.

  7. The chestnuts look delicious! I would like to try chestnut rice.
    Take you time with the memorial services. That it important to tend to.
    See you when you are back.
    Hugs from Minnesota!

  8. Dear Miyako,

    It does look like a yummy dinner you had and always good to see the meals and food that others are enjoying.
    I hope that the memorial service will go well for your family.
    Please take care of yourself and look forward to your return.


  9. Mmm that chestnut rice looks really tasty - I bet it tasted good.
    Hope the memorial service goes well.
    Take care.

  10. Damn has the time for your memorial service for your brother and mother has rolled around again....I think it awesome that you have memorial services for the departed.....what a great tradition.......

    Chestnuts are not a nut I eat very often my favourtie nut is the almond

  11. I never realized that chestnuts can be cooked in a variety of ways! All dishes seem delicious :)

    You are from Japan... I teach English online to Japanese students. I have just started and I'm still trying my luck to fill up my classes, hahahaha!

    By the way, I would like to get to know you more by reading your future posts. Would you be interested to follow each other?

    Take care!

  12. oooh I think chestnut rice sounds delicious. I can't believe your friends own a whole mountain. Though I think that happens in the UK occasionally. Best wishes for your memorial service! xxx

  13. That must taste very nice...rice is so good anyway with added flavors.

  14. Lucky you to get Chestnuts,I love them roasted. Our son does some at the restaurant in the autumn.
    Love and Hugs

  15. Dear Miyako,
    I have just finished reading your last three posts. Forgive me for not commenting on all three but lately my PC has been acting it's age and running poorly. The screen freezes and I can not scroll down. It's very frustrating and so very slow to work with.
    Your chestnut and rice looks delicious. You set a lovely table and your dishes always look like something from the pages of a cook book. My food never looks like something I would want to take photos of. :0}
    Be well my dear bs. Love always