Sunday, September 30, 2012

Cooked Japanese Pumpkin

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Halloween is just around the corner and I thought I would like to show you how we eat pumpkin in Japan. I wonder if the big ones (ones used for Jack-o'-Lantern in western countries) are edible or not. I'm a bit curious about how you eat pumpkins for meal.  Must be a lot different from ours. 
And this is how my late mother used to cook for us.  I remember that the pumpkin was the only veggies she didn't allow me to cut when young (I was slicing cabbage when I was 7 or 8 years old, haha). There were no such thing called microwave-oven to soften them at that time. 

Cutting them like these, put some dried sea weed. And then cook them with powdered-soup stock, sugar, cooking sake, soy source.

Does this look yummy to you, p;)

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  1. Sadly not all spices available in Europe but I am sure it is tasty!

  2. Kürbisse sind für mich schön anzuschauen, doch ich mag sie nicht gerne essen...

    Lieben Gruß

  3. It sounds and looks delicious. We usually cut into portions and roast our pumpkin, or boil or steam it. Roasted in the pan with the meat and potaoes is really nice and tasty.

    Thanks for sharing.


  4. Dearest Miyako san,
    I think is yummy cooking sake,soy source powered-soup stop sugar..Japanese people are made best Oieshi-tabemono desu...
    Watashi tachi no karadawa "not too big" ha ha ha.
    Otosama-to tanoshi-ku okurashi kudasai mase.
    I thinking about you Miyako san!

  5. Yes dear Miyako, that dish does look tasty. I love spicy pumpkin soup, or roasted pumpkin. I can't believe that Halloween will soon be here again!! This year is just flying by. Lovely to see you here today my dear friend from the East xx

  6. Dear Miyako,
    Your pumpkin looks delicious and I plan to share the recipe with my family. Yesterday my husband cooked a hollowed out pumpkin in the oven with milk and honey and spices inside. He said the recipe was 400 years old, something the early American settlers used to eat. It was delicious!
    I am so sorry for not visiting you here more often. Please know that I count you as one of my dear friends!

  7. That looks lovely, my dear friend Miyako, and you are certainly a very goo cook. Not many in my house like pumpkin too much, so I stick to it mainly in pies and in pumpkin bread.

  8. Hello Miyako, your pumpkin dish does look yummy. I have not tried any recipes using pumpkin. I guess there is always a first time for everything. Happy Sunday!

  9. Dear Miyako,
    That looks delicious =)
    We have a lovely Japanese restaurant here in town, I just love to go there. And went there with a few friends last night and had a fantastic meal.
    Hope you're having a great Sunday my friend.
    Hugs from Ireland!

  10. so often, here in the states, they use the pulp to make pie filling, bake bread, cake, cookies, or bars from it. we usually eat squash like you've prepared above.

  11. Hello Miyako!
    I love the carved pumpkin, it's wonderful. Your recipe sounds delicious, I 'd like to try it. We don't have many in Britain, although Jack O Lanterns did originate here - though we used Turnips and Swedes! I'd like to try and make an American pumpkin pie.

  12. Hi, Miyako, the really big pumpkins don't have much taste so they are good for carving and decorating. Smaller pumpkins called "cheese" pumpkins(Not because of taste but for texture or richness) make delicious pies, I think America's favorite way to eat pumpkin! Baked goods are very popular, bread, muffins, cookies, etc. Soups, too. Usually they are pureed. Sometimes in chunks like you did and roasted. xo

  13. Dearest Miyako,
    When cooking pumpkin I use the smaller ones and I only made soup of them. Your recipe sounds delicious, using the seaweed and the rest of it.
    Hugs to you,

  14. Hi Miyakosan,
    Your pumpkin cooking looks delicious. It's good idea to boil some dryed sea weed and pumpkin. Soup from seaweed makes it tasty and we can also eat seaweed together.I will try it next time.

  15. Ohhh looks very yummy!!
    I love Japanese pumpkin. I like pumpkin here in the U.S., too but it taste different. I didn't like pumpkin so much when I was small, but as I grew I became fond of it :-)
    Lovely pictures as always! Have a great week, Miyako san!

  16. I love pumpkins especially the young and sticky ones. The dish you created looks good! I could eat a bowl-full of that :p

    Enjoy the rest of your week Ms Miyako!

  17. Dear Miyako,

    Love the look of your pumpkin dish and the beautifully carved one.
    I love pumpkin and often make soup or have it roasted with other vegetables and chicken or meat.

    Have a happy week

  18. What a great orange and pumpkin post! I love orange and I love pumpkin (to look at and to eat) . The pics are great and the carved pumpkin is fantastic. You might like to share your work on Mandarin Orange Monday:)

  19. Interesting! I have never eaten pumpkin except in a pie or cake.

  20. I don't like the skin on my pumpkin and my favourite is butternut and I love it baked I also love pumpkin scones and pumpkin bread

  21. What a tummy dish! Most Americans don't eat pumpkin other than in pie or bread, but I do. I love it for it's healthy benefits and beautiful color. I use it in my soups along with butternut squash and would love to try this one. Could you tell me what cooking sake is? Thank you and have a beautiful day my friend. Mina