Thursday, August 30, 2012

My busy having Guests Week and New PC

My husband's two ex-colleague ladies came and one with her lovely daughter and the other with her future husband; they are marrying this October.  We had nice time together; we saw the little girl last fall and wonderful to see her grown to a little kid and not a baby any more.

Lovely lunch time and also sweet to hear that the cute little girl call hubby "soba-uncle; お蕎麦のおじちゃん", for me "English-aunt; 英語のおばちゃん♡♡♡ 

We bought a set of cooking pan for the couple as a present of their marriage and also this cutting board. In Japan we normally use these wooden boards. Hubby knows a woodcrafter and I also asked him to buy us a new one♪♪♪   I wonder if you use these things in western countries as well.

And another day, my ex-students who is teaching English to kids at language school in Chiba-pref. came back to her parent's home and kindly stopped by to our house. We used to tell me that she wanted to teach children English. I am quite happy that she accomplished her dream even though it must be tough sometimes. 

*New PC
Last Saturday, my new PC arrived and the staff from the Elec-company trying to connect it with internet. Well, the router was old and in a bad shape; he needed to change it (means I had to renew it).  He had to get back to his store and brought a new one. Setting up took him a lot longer than he expected...  I feel so sorry and truly appreciated him for is help.  Oh, you all must know how it is when you have a new one; I have been struggling since then(^^;)   I might have made a call to support-center more than 10 times for several tiny bits of matters that had been changed, p;)  Their remote-service (they assist me watching my screen) really is inevitable for me!  I would't have been able to use PC without their help, how lucky I am that this staff reccomended me the particular company when I first bought PC.

*One sad news
Besides the guests, we had to visit a couple of relatives this week. And one sad thing happened to us. One of our pine tree died and has been cut.  We only have one small sized one left. Our biggest one died many years ago and this time...; hubby looked really sad about this. He had been seeing the leaves changing its color to brown. He rushed away as he couldn't see the worker cutting it.  So sorry with this long post, my friends and thank you for stopping by.  I almost feel kind of guilty that I couldn't contact you so long...   I'll catch you later♬♬♬ 


  1. congratulations on getting your new pc and new modem all hooked up and running! glad they had good customer service for you.

    and looks like you had great visits with friends.

    i would be very sad about the tree, too. they are precious.

  2. Hi Miyako san. What lovely guests you had! It's so much fun to see children grow..and they grow so fast! The sweet little girl is so cute to call your husband soba-uncle and call you English-aunt :-) I used to call my grandma "Machi-no-bachan" because she lived in a big town :-)
    How wonderful your ex-student made her dream come true! It must be tough but I think it's also very rewarding.
    Sounds like you are struggling with your new PC...I'm sure you will get used to it soon :-)
    I'm sorry to hear one of your pine trees had to be cut :-( I hope the one left will grow big and healthy. I think I commented before that I don't see pine trees in our neighborhood. Well I found out there ARE pine trees just behind our house! They look little different from ones in Japan but they are there. I call it Todai motokurashi..haha.

  3. Hello Miyako,
    It is good to see you back online again. Setting up a new computer can be hard, but it looks as though you had good support. You will have to plant a few small trees as replacements :)

  4. What a lovely time with your guests! I love how musical you all are, my dear friend Miyako, and I was wondering if you play the piano. It must sound great in there!

    We use cutting boards here and have one built into a counter in the kitchen.

    I'm glad you got your new computer, but am so very sorry about the tree. I hope you all are able to plant another~

  5. Miyako san,
    I was so happy to see your Hubby and girl.
    Yahari nihon wa daisuki desu.
    I looking for soon wile be very busy
    time too you....
    Take care of your self.

  6. Looks like you have been very busy, Miyako. Hope your new PC is set up the way you want it to be. I love my new one too. Routers can be a problem from time to time. The soba noodles look really good. xo

  7. Dearest Miyako san,

    Oh, YES we do use those type of cutting boards. Actually, last week we bought a new one, a large one out of bamboo. We have several ones for different things. One only for meat and one for bread and for vegetables...
    You had a lovely time it looks like. Geat photos of you too.
    Glad that you managed at least to blog with your new PC. Oh, we ALL know about the frustration of getting used to a newer version and learning a thousand little, different things. But your are a smart lady and with some guidance you're doing well.
    Hugs to you and thanks for the comment. Indeed, each new culture has new customs and we should first live there in order to understand why things are the way they are...

  8. So happy you have a new PC and know that everything will be fine with you and it very soon. Sorry about your tree, I don't like to loose trees. Yes, we use the cutting board. I have two shaped in a heart, one small the other large. Your friends seem to be very sweet, nice company. Hugs...Lu

  9. Na, dann kann´s ja losgehen, frisch ans Werk...:-)

    Lieben Gruß

  10. Dear Miyako,
    Happy to hear that you finally got your new computer.What a lovely time with your guests, enjoyed the pictures very much.
    Have a fantastic day my friend.

  11. Congratulations for your new pc!
    I see you had a wonderful time with your quests. I am sorry about pine tree.
    Have a nice day..

  12. Dear Miyako,
    You had a wonderful day with your friends !Enjoy your new PC ! And really you are a girl !!

  13. Maybe one day you will cook for me too, I would love to try some of the yummy dishes you showed us in your pictures. As for loss, I do understand, we lost Naila :( we will miss her dearly!

  14. Hello Miyako, sounds like you have been busy with your friends visiting. I happy about your new computer, I hope you will be very happy using the new one. Have a lovely day!

  15. hello my friend! your photos are lovely - as always. what a nice long post from you! i always look forward to reading your posts. your friends' pictures are so nice.

    i'm happy that you got a new computer. sorry that you had such a time getting it up and going.

    too bad about your husband's pine tree. it is sad when great trees like that die.

  16. Hi Miyako san,
    You have young lovely guests. It's so nice that there is a cheerful atmosphere in your house.
    When I bought a new PC,I called a support-center,too. It's very convenient.
    Have a nice weekend!

  17. Thanks for the well wishes I am on the mend but it is slow going, at least I am able to do stuff of a morning afternoons are still shot with me being so tired that I have to have a nice long nap.........

    I think those who teach others a new language are awesome, I always wished I learnt a differnt language but alas I never

    Sorry to hear about hubby's tree...

  18. I forgot to say new pc's are great but some can take a bit of getting used to. How did we ever manage before the invention of the

  19. Dear Miyako,
    I have just found your delightful blog and am now following you!
    Congratulationson your new PC ~ such fun! And, so sorry about your tree...trees are precious things!
    So nice to meet you!

  20. Oh a new computer - how exciting :))
    Looks like you had a great time with all of your visitors.
    Sorry about your tree - it is a shame to see them dying.

  21. oh no! Poor hubby, the pine tree was beautiful, I love the shape of Japanese pine trees. It made me laugh that you are English-Aunt and Soba-Uncle. You're so lucky to have so many lovely friends come round to visit.

  22. What beautiful images, sweetie. I just love your digital creations and am so pleased that you are enjoying the program. These pictures are so lovely and I adore that sweet little girl. She is too adorable. Have a beautiful week, my lovely friend.