Wednesday, July 25, 2012


(posted; Japanese meal page)
I made "cooked-mushroom-rice".  
My Dear friend Mariette and her husband are experts of mushroom and I was reminded of their health benefits. We can buy many types of mushrooms in Japan and I never fresh out of them especially "shiitake". That particular one is really useful being able to cook in various ways. Today, I'd like to introduce one dish used "shimejitake" my mother used to make for us.

This dish is called takikomi-gohan (cooked-mashroom-rice, maybe ^^;)

I put shimeji-mushroom, shrimp, chicken. And seasoned with powdered soup stock, soy-source, cooking-sake, sugar, dried sea-weed.    

I'm making  some pieces of very thin fried egg and slice them. 
Hehe, I asked hubby to take a picture.

Scatter the sliced egg and cooked snow pea on top

Thank you very much for visiting.  I'm busy from now today and I will catch up with you later. So sorry posting before commenting for some of my dear friends! 


  1. This looks delicious, Miyako. I love the shrimp and addition of the thin sliced egg. xo

  2. That is mouth watering, my dear friend Miyako! I was just reading an article on the health benefits of seaweed, so I'm glad to see how you use it.

    You are an excellent cook and it was fun to see the picture of you at work in your kitchen. Have a wonderful day!

  3. Dearest Miyako san,

    Wow, too bad I ate my supper but this looks very yummy to me. The artful way you prepared the thin fried egg, is beautiful.
    Oh, enokitake, shimeji and the winner: shiitake are delicious mushrooms. You bought very nice product; great quality but I do remember that from my visit to a supermarket with enormous varieties of fruits, veggies and mushrooms.
    Loved your photo, you look good, both of you are great cooks!
    Hugs and love to you,

  4. Ein schönes Gericht, duftet bis hierhin. Ich mag Pilze auch sehr gerne, schon bald fängt bei uns die Saison dafür an, na ja, ein bisschen wird es noch dauern, im Moment haben wir eine große Hitzewelle...

    Lieben Gruß

  5. This looks delicious and fun to see you in the kitchen.

  6. Hi Miyako san. Your takikomi-gohan looks so yummy!! I love love love mushrooms and it's so nice we can get various kinds in Japan. Here...not many kinds. I can get more variety in Asian markets but I don't go there often. Hmm..maybe I should!
    I love shimejitake and they are very good in takikomi-gohan! The eggs and snow peas make the dish look even more appetizing! Ohhh... I wish I could come over....!

  7. my husband would love this meal. :)

    nice photo of you!

  8. Nice to see you! I love Japanese food and I always end up looking at your meals when I'm hungry xx

  9. I love rice but I hate mushrooms so this dish isn't for

  10. that looks delicious! i love stuff like that.

  11. This takikomi-gohan contains shrimp,chicken,simejitake,etc. Those are my favorite foods, so I will try this. It's a well-balanced diet and a simple cooking for the hot summer.
    Enjoy Summer, Miyako san!

  12. Hi Miyako san,
    Takikumi-gohan Dried-sea-weed Shrimp
    Yamaguchi Orchid.
    Saishoni-Maviette sama to & Husband ni Takusan-no gohan ga oishi-desune.
    watashi wa shimajitake ga totemo disukidesu.
    Your mother make for very nice too.
    Ogenki-ni okurasi kudasai-mase.

  13. Yum! Sweet Miyako, this sounds so delicious. I love all of these ingredients. Your shirt is so lovely as well. Beautiful! Tell your hubby thank you for us. ;-)