Friday, July 27, 2012

ナデシコ・ジャパン Nadeshiko-Japan (Green Day)

*Yamato-nadeshiko(大和撫子) and Nadeshiko-Japan; Olympic!!!

Now, London Olympic games' Opening Ceremony is just around the corner. My husband and I are excited and looking forward to enjoying the games. Preceding the opening ceremony, Japanese soccer teams both woman and man had already had a game. We were really happy thinking Japanese teams had made a good start with their winnings. 

Well, we call the woman's soccer team "Nadeshiko-Japan" here in Japan. Please let me explain about it. I wish to quote the Wikipedia page for you to understand.  (so sorry for my friends who remember this topic...)

I'm writing with quote;
Yamato Nadeshiko (大和撫子) is a Japanese term meaning "personification of an idealized Japanese woman", "ideal" in the historical context of the patriarchal, traditional culture of Japan. This floral metaphor, combining Yamato, an ancient name for Japan and nadeshiko "Dianthus superbus, Large Pink", or frilled pink carnation, literally translated as "Japanese Dianthus; 大和撫子".

And our woman soccer team started to be called using the name of the flower; probably wishing to mean that they represent Japanese woman with all the traditional grace. An ideal Japanese woman per Confucianism, they are supposed to act for the benefit of the family and follow instructions in the best interest of patriarchal authority figures. Virtues included loyalty, domestic ability, wisdom and humility.
In the old days, we have a saying that "Wives should walk three steps back from her husbands"  And at times, yamoto-nadeshiko is thought to be as amenable and meek (hope the right words) in a kind of negative sense.  Haha, definitely I'm not that type. Hubby agreed with me that we are partners.
Oh, I digressed a lot.  Friends, let's enjoy the Olympic Games!!!

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  1. Good Evening Miyako!!

    Lovely photos and as usual a beautiful collage.

    Am just back from holiday so trying to catch up with my favourite blogs
    and also trying to do washing, ironing and housework in between
    - there are not enough hours in the day!

    Thanks so much for linking up with Green Day.
    It is wonderful to look at your lovely photos.

    Wishing you a lovely relaxing weekend.


  2. The Olympics are wonderful to watch. I hope your team wins some gold medals! Dianthus is a lovely flower. xo

  3. Gorgeous pictures, as always, my dear friend Miyako! We are looking forward to watching the Olympics, too. I loved learning about the meaning behind what the women's soccer team is called. Lovely! Except, like you, I won't walk three steps behind my husband...

  4. Dearest Miyako san,

    You both are ready for it. I doubt if we will have much time watching the games... with our garden and other social duties. Just visited a Philippine born friend and brought her some baked goodies to share. She loaded me with fresh veggies from their garden and sweet potatoes. So the coming days I have lots to cook. But we love that.
    Even though she lives not that far away, less than an hour, we don't see each other often. So it is intense once we meet.
    Lots of hugs and love from across the ocean,


  5. Wunderschöne Aufnahme! Und mögen die Spiele in Frieden verlaufen und viel Freude bringen...

    Lieben Gruß

  6. Wonderful shots and thank you for the information, I am sure the Olympics will be again a great event!

  7. We're looking forward to the olympics as well, I love the swimming because that was my summer sport a long time ago when we were all young :)
    Thank you for the birthday greetings for my GKB. He was really surprised and happy that lovely bloggers would send him birthday wishes.


  8. I don't follow olympics much (or any kind of sports..haha) but it's great to know Japanese soccer teams started with win :-)
    I love that your husband agrees you are partners! I think this is the perfect relationship.
    Have a wonderful weekend, Miyako san!

  9. glad you are not meek. :)

    your dianthus are gorgeous!

  10. Your photos of the Dianthus are gorgeous as is your blog header.
    I'll be interested in seeing how the Japanese women's soccer team does in the Olympics. Have a wonderful weekend my dear bs. Love always

  11. I watched the two games in the midnight. We were very excited. I hope their next winning.
    I have watched the soccer game twice, one is in the worldcup in Japan and the other is in London two years ago. I got enjoy soccer more than baseball.
    Enjoy Olympic !

  12. I am looking forward to seeing some of the opening ceremony on the telly tonight too.
    Lovely flowers Miyako

  13. Beautiful dianthus - I love their colour and scent and reliability. Hope you enjoy the Olympics - sitting at home watching shows you the best shots;-)

  14. My dear Miyako - another really interesting and informative post for us today, about the Japanese ladies' football team. What a lovely story. It will be funny to think that as we sit watching the Opening Ceremony this evening, you and your hubby will also be watching it in your little corner of the world. How amazing is that?! I shall be thinking of you! I think that everyone in Great Britain is just hoping that the Ceremony goes well and that we don't let ourselves down!! Sending hugs your way my friend.

  15. Beautiful!

    Enjoy the games!

  16. I hope Japan does well at the Olympics,it is something the whole world can share!Thanks for visiting me!

  17. Amazing, beautiful photos of the flowers.

  18. Miyako is such a pretty name,what does it mean?

  19. Oh, Dearest lee,

    My father put me the name and it means "capital" in old Japanese. Haha, I think it is too big a name for me. And sounds beautiful♡ I wrote a post related with my name here.

    I will send you this comment through return mail just in case, haha.

  20. Dearest Miyako san,
    I was excited from this morning for the opening ceremony.after that I was tailed this day.
    Yamata Nadeskiko
    Gankin ganbate woman ga mie musu..
    Ganbate kudasai mase.
    just beautiful "Japanese Dianthus"
    I have raining is for five days.
    I has enough for me.

  21. As I think of the beautiful pink dianthus, and you and I and so many...are a new woman of beauty and wisdom and appropriate association..kind to husband...and as you say- your husbands partner. This is an ideal spouse..."Game On." So nice to hear from you, sweet flower.

  22. Lovely post and wonderful photos !

  23. Your flowers are so pretty. Good luck to the Japanese soccer teams.

  24. Wonderful post and such gorgeous images, my lovely friend. Good luck to your team sweetie. Hugging you tightly, Mina

  25. it's beautiful... I've never seen those flowers!


  26. it's beautiful... I've never seen those flowers!