Monday, May 7, 2012

super moon

Pictures from this site←link;

I wish I have more time to get around to use "Pinterest"  p;)
I hope you will have a wonderful new week♪


  1. Dear Miyako,
    I love the pictures of the super moon. My daughter and I looked at the moon, but it did not look much bigger than usual. We were a bit disappointed. I took some time to catch up on your blogs. You've been a very busy lady! So glad to hear that your dad is doing better.

  2. What breathtaking photos! Oh, and what a lovely sight that was all around the world. Makes me feel connected to everyone, somehow. Thank you for sharing these with us, my ear friend Miyako!

  3. Wow what amazing photos I was looking at the moon last night and wished I had a great camera that would allow me to take awesome shots of it but alas I don't so I have to just make do with my own eyes and photos like these ones you have shared with us today...........

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  5. Dearest Miyako san.
    You have a just beautiful of photography and you a wonderful in captain
    I wile be back with in see has happen
    with days,
    Happy Miyako san.

  6. Hi dear Miyako. Hope you are well busy lady!! What stunning photos of the super moon for us to look at today. Isn't nature wonderful?! I hope you have a lovely week as well my friend. Hope you find a little time to relax a bit! Hugs.

  7. These are wonderful pictures of that big old moon. Our moon was nothing like that size but was certainly bright.
    You were right when you said on my post that the flower was an azalea. Very pretty aren't they?
    Have a great week. :)

  8. What gorgeous pictures of the moon! Thank you for sharing them! Have a lovely week. Hugs.

  9. Happy Moonday :-) Miyako san, these pictures are beautiful!! It's wonderful that we can enjoy the moon changes its size and color like that.
    I think Golden Week is over but I wish you a wonderful new week, too!

  10. Dearest Miyako,

    I missed it, was too tired after driving back and forth to Atlanta to go to Costco etc. That is over 500 km.
    But I sure did read about it. We cannot see and attend all things that come our way.
    Hope your week is great and sending you love, always.

  11. Amazing wasn't it? Oh, did you see it Orchid? We had a good view from our back veranda! Hope you have a wonderful day!

  12. Dear Miyako,
    Lovely pictures of the moon. Thank you so much for visiting my blog :) and for your nice comments.
    Have a lovely evening!
    Big hugs

  13. Oh Orchid, how beautiful! I know, I could play on Pinterest all day. ;-)

  14. I missed the super moon completely, a crying shame! I like everyone of these pics, really super. So which one is yours??