Friday, May 4, 2012

Our Gardner came and our neighbor's lovely kids

Yesterday, our gardener who is really a skilled person has done his usual wonderful work for our tiny garden. He used to be my late brother's friend and we are lucky to be able to ask him pruning job personally. He pruned 7 trees in a day.  We had one more big pine tree but it's dead because of weevil damage. Well, maintaining pine tree in good shape sure must requires expertise. 
I needed to do the cleanup job and so exhausted... I had a long hot bath to comfort my body last night (worked well for my tired muscles).   I'm not a person for the outside job, p;) 

These top pictures; how our garden looks now, 
far better looking without weed, haha

These pictures show how he does his job 

Our next door neighbors
My next neighbor's mom and 2 kids visited us to try making soba this morning and had lunch together.  They were observing how hubby does at first then tried it later. Their mom is kind of hesitant about her kids showing up in the blog so one shot from the back.  Haha, another soba guests you saw many times in my blog you might think...  wanted to introduce our neighbors' cute little kids who pop over to our house knocking our back door when they have time.   
Whew, busy 2 days... but rewarding!


  1. Oh the garden is lovely and lucky to have someone tend to it's beauty.
    So delightful to have children around,mine are 42 and 48 now,no grandchildren. I miss all those constant questions they always ask.
    Love & hugs

  2. Your garden is so elegantly beautiful, my friend! My, how lovely it was to enjoy your pictures. I can see, though, how you would be tired after cleaning it all up. It is worth it, though!

    It is sweet the little neighbor children stop by and are interested in the soba making. Your hubby must be a good teacher.

    Have a wonderful evening!

  3. Oh, that sure looks like a lot of work for you, Miyako, no wonder you're exhausted. Hot bath sounds good! I like the wood panelling in your kitchen...cheerful!

  4. Dearest Miyako,

    You make me laugh about getting tired from such a postage stamp size garden compared to ours. The day before yesterday I did some weeding and worked myself a blister. It is so healthy to be outdoors and to sweat in the 31°C temperature.
    The gardener you show is doing some meticulous bonsai trimming and pruning. Not so much for pruning but more for decorative shaping of your beautiful Japanese garden. Our garden is 1,5 hectare so you can figure out how huge it is. LOTS of work but as long as we can do it we enjoy it.
    Your husband has been again a great teacher in the soba making art. For kids it must be very interesting.
    Have a lovely weekend!
    Love to you,


  5. Hello my sweet friend. I always love the Japanese garden. So serene and beautiful. I agree with you about outside work. Not for me, especially at my age. My back and right knee are so painful. I like spring but too much work for me, I love autumn season best. :-) xo

  6. Dear Miyako, How wonderful to see photos of your garden my friend. It is absolutely beautiful, and just how I would imagine a Japanese garden to be. I can imagine how tired you were after all the clearing up. Hope you're feeling okay now! How lovely to have those two young children in the house to watch the soba making! Thank you so much for pointing out the problem with my Blog this morning. I'm hoping that it will be okay next time. Hugs to you x

  7. Your garden is looking absolutely lovely - your friend did a good job on those trees. A nice hot bath always helps those tired and aching muscles. Have a great weekend.

  8. Miyako, what a wonderful garden! I've seen and admired many Japanese gardens, but it's fun to see one that belongs to a friend!

  9. Your garden is lovely! There are pine trees in my house in Japan and I remember playing with pine cones when I was a child.
    What a fun to have guests for soba making. Glad you had a great time!

  10. Miyako, your garden is lovely and so different from mine. I have many trees but they are not as attractive as yours. We spent time working in our garden this past weekend doing clean-up mostly and I guess I am not built for gardening either. I have aches in places I didn't even know could ache.
    The neighbor children look very interested in soba making and I'm sure they had a wonderful time.
    Love always from your bs, Maddy