Sunday, February 26, 2012

Silly me!!!

Flower Glitter Graphics -
Today I have attended a gathering or seminar for thinking about how we can lead eco-friendly life-style. One of our friends who has wonderful voice sang some songs during the seminar.  After came home, I tried to comment for my friends; which I should have!!!  Instead, as I remembered that St. Patrick's Day is coming close and whimsically I started to checking the free background of  it.

Anyway, I couldn't do well matching background with the header so I just changed the header.  Wow, it took me so long and I wasn't able to stop it until finishing it. Now it is 2:45 in the morning.....  I could hear hubby snoring a little, p;)
Please don't think me unfaithful, my friends. I will get down to it after I woke up.   See You Later, I promise☆☆☆    Love you always, xoxo Miyako*


  1. You are so cute, Miyako. The seminar sounds quite interesting. xo

  2. Hi Miyako san! Your header looks very lovely! I forgot St. Patrick's Day was so close.
    Have a good night sleep, Miyako san :-)

  3. Your blog is always exquisite looking, a mark of your fine taste. I look forward to hearing about your seminar. I also hope you are able to get some sleep, my friend!

  4. Dear Orchid, wish I have talent of yours for the computer.Some things I've never understood!
    Your header is beautiful. My grandmother (God rest her soul) was Irish. I always buy a shamrock plant for her memory each year.
    Hope you have good sleep.
    Love and hugs

  5. Fantastic!


    Love it all!

    Not long to wait until we celebrate or favourite day in Ireland!

    Sleep well

    Fiona x

  6. Dear Miyako, I love your header :) St paddy's day is getting closer. Have a fantastic Sunday!


  7. I love your page Miyako - you have done a fine job with it.
    Don't you find the time just disappears when you are on the computer?
    I hope you enjoy your well deserved sleep :))

  8. You have such dedication to stay awake so late working on your blog page which is quite beautiful. I love all of the green and white. I sometimes spend many more hours at the computer than I should because I wish to complete something. For example I'm working on a database for my collection of books and have spent several hours this morning and will be spending many more hours before I'm finished. Get some rest. Love from your friend, Maddy

  9. I love your header, Miyako. My boys are 1/4th Irish (Grandmother on their father's side).. and I gave them both Irish names. There are still some relatives that live in Ireland, and I know they would both love to visit there someday. Maybe they'll take their Mother with them :)

  10. St. Patrick's Day is close is it I didn't know that what does that say about me, that I'm not Irish or that I don't drink or that I'm just a bit

    Isn't it funny how time can slip away or fly by while we are trying to do something with our blog......

  11. love your header!!
    you are so smart with these computer things!! i have no idea how to do this!
    hope you had a nice sleep..and that your dreams were happy!

  12. Dearest Miyako,
    Oh I certainly know that kind of silly feeling all too well...
    A PC at times does keep us captive against our will!
    A blessing that your husband was sleeping...
    You got a very nice header though and timely for March 17.
    Love to you,

  13. your blog looks lovely! hope you got some good rest.

    Happy St. Pat's day to you, too.

  14. Dearest Miyako, your header looks fantastic. You never cease to amaze me. I really have no idea how to do this... wish I have your talent.

    Hugs and Love

  15. You have put up some beautiful pictures for St. Patrick's Day! Thank you for doing that. I hope you get a lot of sleep now. Hugs and love.

  16. Miyako, you are too sweet! Your blog always is pleasant, pretty and joyful. Your kind heart always shines forth in your blog...regardless of what holiday it is and how we try to dress accordingly...your beauty always out shines the "dressing up" thankful for you ..

  17. Oh Orchid, I LOVE this new theme in sync with the holidays. You obtained a beautiful header and side buttons. How gorgeous! I always love my visits here. Your blog is one of my favorites and of course, you are one of my very favorite people. Have a lovely week, my sweet friend.

  18. Yes, I understand, sometimes I get an idea in my mind, and then I get side-tracked and can think of doing nothing else.
    Well, you blog looks very pretty now.

  19. This is a very interesting blog. Very good looking design.

  20. Hi Miyako, just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

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