Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Father's Mishap

Father took other's medicines...
my ideal father image

Yesterday, I had a phone-call from father's old people's home (he seems to be losing physical strength but his dementia hasn't got much worse). Whenever I see his home's name as a caller on the phone, my heart start pounding a little. This time, he took other person's 3 kinds of different types of pills.
Fortunately, all of them were not so strong ones and he didn't need to be taken to the hospital. They tried to do a gastric lavage but he couldn't do it or rather allowed it.  I was told that he yelled at the doctor; I can easily assume how scard he was.
I have seen how carefully they are taking care of the medicines. He seemed to have had them just for a brief moment while all the staffs were away from pills they prepared.  Doctor explained what happened with copied papers written all the details related to the time course. I cannot appreciate more to the doctor and the staffs.  He smiled as I told him not to bring to his mouth anything but served to him. 
"Well, dad! You don't know how old you are and who I am any more.  However, your bright smile when you see me is all I need."
                 Thank you for stopping by,        Love you always, xoxo     Miyako*


  1. Ohhh, I love your last line! I'm so sorry, my dear friend Miyako, that you had to go through that scare. It is so hard when they get older and just don't understand things as well. I'm glad they weren't strong pills he took. Whew!

  2. Dear Miyako,
    I'm glad it wasn't strong pills that he took. I understand it must be har for you, at times now when he is getting older. Have a lovely evening my friend!
    Big hugs,


  3. Miyako....Your lovely Father is so blessed to have you watching over him. What a dear daughter you are and a dear Father you have...his smile must be wonderful!

  4. It is not easy watching a parent age! So glad he is doing OK after his mishap. Big hug xoxo

  5. Miyako, Oh I am so glad the home caught this soon after and the pills were not strong and harmful. My mother did not know me the last few years so I truly understand as she too was in a nursing home. Yes, I can understand your dear father being very scared. The angels are watching over him my dear. Blessings.

  6. Dearest Miyako,
    Oh my, I can see your concern WHEN the phone indicates the Nursing Home, your Dad is at.
    Not easy, neither for the staff in dealing with all the unexpected details...
    Receive a tight hug and love from your friend,

  7. ohhh... the poor thing.
    My father died last year and at the end he became a little boy again.
    oh yes, I loved Michael Landon.

  8. Oh how lucky he didn't have some serious reaction.
    My father lived to age 97 and was very hard to deal with at times.
    The nursing home was wonderful to him but he always wanted to go home.
    He passed away in 1988,I miss him so much even after all this time.
    He was a strong man with a gentle soul and big heart.
    Hope your father doies well. love and hugs

  9. I love this "Well, dad! You don't know how old you are and who I am any more. However, your bright smile when you see me is all I need." but I would change the word "dad" to "nan"

    These things can happen in nursing homes some of the residents can be pretty quick at getting there hands on things they shouldn't and I was pleased to read that you didn't hold it against the nursing home they are doing a difficut job. I remember when I use to go and visit my great aunt there was a woman out there that would wonder around trying to take other peoples tablets all the time the staff had to keep a close eye on her when they had the medicine cart out.....

    The picture of Michael Landon brought up so really great memories, he was one of my favourite actors.......

  10. What a beautiful thing to say to your father. I'm so glad he is alright and not sick from the pills. You are a loving and good daughter. Much love to you.

  11. bless both your hearts!!
    so glad the pills did not cause a serious problem.
    (an ,honestly, I can understand why he didn't want or allow a gastric lavage!! a nurse,i can tell you it isn't nice!!).

  12. Oh, such sadness when mistakes are made. It could have been much worse and I'm happy that he did not suffer any ill effects from the taking of someones medicine.

    Blessings and hugs to you and your dad!

  13. Dear Miyako,
    I can imagine how relieved you must feel that this latest incident didn't bring harm to your father. It sounds like the home where your father is living takes good care of him and are monitoring him carefully to even be aware this happened. Your father raised a wonderful daughter and even though he may not remember much of his life I'm sure he feels your love. Much love to you from your friend, Maddy

  14. Oh Miyako san, I am glad your dad was okay. The doctors and staffs there sound very nice.
    It is truly wonderful to see bright smiles of loved ones. I agree, that's all we need. Hugs to you.

  15. I am so glad your father is ok after taking those pills. That is scary. I know how tough it is for you. But as you said, seeing that smile is all you need. There's some glimmer of the old Dad in there isn't there?! It's how I used to view my Dad too! Hugs my friend.

  16. Oh sweetie, I am so glad you are there for your father. The medical staff really does need to be more careful about having other people's medications out without constant supervision. I am so thankful that it all ended up okay. My heart goes out to both of you.