Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hatumoude & Otoshidama (year end & new year tradition part3)

New Year's visit to a shrine (Hatumoude)
We visit shrine on the first, second, or third day of the year to wish for the peace and health of the year. And new omamori (charms or amulets) are bought, and the old ones are returned to the shrine so they can be burned. I bought some for us.
(you might notice from my pictures that ladies no longer wear kimono like we used to do during this season, my mom used to spruce up wearing them and I learned how to wear it from her)

*To the loacal shrine (you can see the long line and hubby)
getting closer to the main shrine
You can see the other pictures at shrine from pc here
(the little girl on the left wearing kimono)

There are some kinds of stalls (buns shaped like fish stuffed with sweet beans, candies, etc)   We gave the candy next-neighbour's kids with New Year's gift money


*New Year's gift money for kids 
Otoshidama is a Japanese custom in which adult give children money over the New Year's holiday when people visit neighbors, and relatives between January 1-3. 
Bills are folded into three sections and put into small envelopes like these, then handed to the children of close friends as well.
Usually kids are really looking forward to getting some spending money. Sure was happy and exciting new year days when young,

 Oshougatu (1st~3rd) is the most festive and family gathering season in Japan.
New Year  is always busy for me (or every housewife in Japan); making dishes and entertaining (? p;) guests and so on.
I hope you all had the joyous beginning of new 2012, friends♪♪♪


  1. That sounds very interesting, I like to hear about you way of celebrating things.
    That was a long line you waited in to see the shrine.

  2. Hallo dear Miyako. What a lovely idea to go to the Shrine to buy new charms or amulets for the new year. What a pity that the kimonos aren't worn so much now. It would be nice to wear them, even if only when going to the Shrine. I would have liked to see a photo of you my little friend! Pretty little envelopes for giving the children the money. How exciting for them! Hope you are keeping well. Hugs coming your way.

  3. Again, I horoughly enjoyed reading your wonderful post, dear friend Miyako. What lovely traditions you described so beautifully for us. It looks like it is cold there, too. Stay warm, my friend, and thank you for such an informative and enjoyable post!

  4. kimonos, sadly have been done away with as part of the tradition...I always think it is sad when the modern times erase the traditions of your previous generation...to me it is one way to keep them alive and existing in my today ...always always enjoy your blog Miyako

  5. What a wonderful idea going to the shrine and the money gift for children.
    You do have such delightful traditions in your country,thank you for sharing them with all of us. It's nice to learn new things.
    Warm Hugs

  6. It is so interesting to see how our celebrations for holidays can be so different. It seems to me the way you celebrate the new year has much more meaning than the way we celebrate it here. I'm sure the children love to go visiting. Have a healthy and happy new year. Hugs

  7. Dear Miyako,
    Thank you for taking us to your celebrations over there. It's always interesting to see how things are celebrated in different countries. Have a lovely Day! Hugs x

  8. Miyako, what nice traditions. I am sure all the children are happy and excited this time of year. The buns shaped like fish sound interesting. I am wishing you and your husband every blessing and all good things for the New Year. xo

  9. The shrine is beautiful. I didn't know you celebrated New Years for three days. I also didn't know about the money for the children. What lovely traditions you have there. I would have loved to receive money on New Years as a child! Have a most happy New Year, Miyako.

  10. What a lovely tradition. I really enjoyed this post and Happy New Year to you, hope 2012 is a good year for you.

  11. Miyako san,
    such a wonderful tradition!!..and a lovely way to start the new year. It does sound like you are very busy!! Does folding the money 3times have a special significance? the envelopes are so pretty..as always your customs include beautiful presentation!!
    I clicked on the link to see all the photos...I enjoyed them all soooooo much! The kimonos are so gorgeous!!! thank you for sharing!
    Happy 2012!!

  12. happy new year! love learning about your traditions.

  13. A wonderful celebration my friend. Hoping your new year is filled with happy. Hugs

  14. Hey Miyako, haven't heard from you in a while now and wanted to peek in on you and make sure all is well with my friend from Japan! Thank you for the appreciation award, with the holidays and all, I just today was able to get around to getting it on my post...and share it ...thanks so much, you made me feel like a queen for the day....hugs from Arkansas USA....Rhonda

  15. Hello dear friend. I just love all of the traditions you have in Japan. My husband also brought me a kimono from Japan, so pretty. You have posted very interesting pictures. Hope the new year brings you good health and many blessings...Lu

  16. I like to hear about the traditions you have in Japan. Thanks for sharing them with all of us, Miyako. I really enjoyed this post!

    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Gaby xo