Wednesday, December 21, 2011

First Real "Baumkuchen"

In Japan, we have a custom of  year-end gift called "Oseibo" to show gratitude for the favors they received during the year;
We had wonderful gift from hubby's friend!!!
OMG, we never had real Baumkuchen made by such a qualified pâtissier.  Surprised with the delightful gift.  Haha, you might all know I love any SWEETS.
  Just bragging unexpected Christmassy Gift we received♬♬♬

These pictures down there are from PC-site ←link
(sorry that the page is in Japanese)


  1. Hi dear Orchid,
    That was a nice gift :) Sweets are always welcome, I love them too, especially chocolate. Have a lovely day my friend. Big Hugs x

  2. Hi Orchid,
    How nice to receive a lovely gift from your husbands friend. I've never heard of a baumgarten before but if it is a sweet I'm sure I would love it lol.

  3. Dear Orchid,
    I was unaware of the custom of showing gratitude at years end. How nice to receive such a sweet gift. I must look up Oseibo and learn more about this custom and also see what Baumkuchen is. My favorite sweet is fudge and I make several batches of it to give as gifts to my friends and neighbors for Christmas. Best wishes and hugs, Maddy

  4. Oh I am with you I LOVE the Sweet Gifts that come during the Christmas Season....Merry Christmas my precious friend

  5. I love how informative your blog, is, dear friend Orchid! Such a wealth of information. I love how we get to learn more about Japanese customs and culture from such a wonderful teacher. Have a wonderful day!

  6. Hi dear Miyako. This is another Japanese custom that I was pleased to hear about. I had never heard of it before, but how lovely to receive such a gift. Sending hugs to you x

  7. Oh what a sweet gift!! I used to eat Baumkuchen a lot in Japan - the kind that I can get in a local grocery store. The one you got sounds very special. It has different shape from I used to have, too. Enjoy your Baumkuchen, Orchid san!

  8. Dearest Miyako,

    What a great gift from your husband's friend! Funny for a French Chef in Tokyo to make a German Baumkuchen = Tree Cake. You can read here the English information:
    It was mentioned in the records of 1843, quite an old tradtion.
    Funny that both of us did post about a traditional German sweet today. Guess we are kindred spirits.
    Love to you dear friend and thanks for your mail!


  9. Miyako I love learning all your customs and traditions! How thoughtful to end the New Year with a gifts for others...

  10. i love reading your posts! they're always full of great information. i love learning about your customs and traditions.

    what a wondeful way to end the year! sweets are so nice.

  11. what an absolutely lovely custom!!!
    all countries should follow Japan's lead and do this!!
    sweets...looks so good!!!

  12. What a beautiful gift! I have never seen anything like it before. I'm sure it tastes delicious. That is a lovely tradition in your country. Love to you and your husband.

  13. Such a fabulous custom! I must tell you that the many sweets are one of my favorite things between October and January. I try to have discipline but sometimes I cannot be trusted. I love them too much. ;-)