Thursday, December 22, 2011

Baumkuchen and Year-end-gift in Japan (part2)

I realized that some of my friend don't know about these "Baumkuchen and Year-end-gift in Japan"  So, quick post about them, mainly from the sites my dear friend "Mariette" taught me and I found.   And I know you are all busy for Christmas, so please just browse over the sites if you have time♪♪♪
(I mean I am not expecting comments taking up your precious time now)

*Baumkuchen is a traditional German sweet
Baum(tree) kuchen(cake) in German. 
Mine was given from the store in Tokyo from French chef.
This is the famous store in Germany and the site Mariette taught me.   
    Salzwedeler  ←link (you can read its history and all)

This is the picture from Wikipedia link

*Seasonal gift-giving in Japan
This is the quote from pc-page about our gift giving tradition
"Ochugen (midsummer gift-giving) and Oseibo (year-end gift-giving) are gestures of gift-giving to show a person's appreciation to people who are close to him/her on a personal or business level (or both).
Generally, Ochugen gifts are given in summer and Oseibo in winter.
In many cases, people give these gifts to their bosses/colleagues or parents and relatives which are selected at department stores where delivery can also be requested.
The items chosen as gifts can almost be anything from food products, to alcoholic beverages and general merchandise. They are ultimately chosen by giving careful consideration to such factors as the other person's preference and family structure.
As a matter of courtesy, the person receiving the Ochugen or Oseibo should express his/her gratitude to the sender in writing or by phone."

 department stores have these special corners

I will see you next week my friends, have a wonderful Christmas,
And  thank you again for your thoughtfulness and kindness
May Christmas will be the bright one for you all, fom Japan


  1. This was so interesting. I would love to have one of those German Christmas cakes. Stollen is delicious, too. Thanks for all your good wishes. ((hugs)) xo

  2. Thank you for explaining and for being such a dear friend. Blessings to you at the years end. xoxo

  3. WOW they look delicious . I love learning from you

  4. Once again, a very informative post. Thank you, dear friend Orchid, for always thinking about us and helping us to understand more. Have a wonderful day!

  5. Dearest Miyako,

    Funny is that they are also available all over Indonesia! So it is a widespread German tradition. Thanks for your two posts about them as tradition is very important for us to preserve, to teach and to enjoy!
    Love to you,


  6. I LOVE, LOVE Baumkuchen...yummy...

    Wishing you and yours a fabulous holiday season and a prosperous New Year! :-)

    Greetings from Germany

  7. Thank you so much for this information. Very interesting! I hope you have a beautiful Christmas, my sweet friend. Warm hugs from Tennessee, USA.

  8. dearest Miyako - san,
    i think this is a wonderful kind and thoughtful!!
    i am going to visit the interesting..thank you for taking the time to post them!!!
    Sending Blessing of the Season to you and your loved ones!!

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