Monday, October 31, 2011

Eventful Weekend and Matsutake-mushroom ♪

Last Saturday,  we attended my hubby's cousin's 49th day memorial service. On that day we place dear departed's ashes in a tomb and burial service. We drove about 2 hours to the place.  My hubby's cousins who live in Osaka came and stayed the Japanese style hotel witth beautiful garden for the night. My husband and I took them to there and spend some time togather chatting.

 the garden of the hotel

On Sunday, they came to our house looking forward to eating my hubby's Soba-noodle. We were glad they enjoyed the noodle.
And the picture one of my hubby's cousin painted and was given to him recently is on the wall of his hobby room. She looked pretty glad to see her work proudly decorated there.  Haha, hubby was asked to play saxophone as well.

And then, in the evening, we had a call from hubby's ex-colleague saying that her mother really appreciated the Soba he made and have something to give us.
Wow, to our joy, we were given "matsutake mushroom".  Well, pine-mushrooms grow under the red pine-tree and really costly to buy.  In Japan, we enjoy the enchanting  aroma as well as the taste. The appetizing delicacy was SO delicious even though just a small amount. 
It was neatly packed with the other seasnal leaves and a citrus
I grilled it and had it with vinegar with citrus juice

PS> I really AM sorry that I haven't commented friends' posts yet and posted mine,  I'll catch up later this evening or rather yesterday!
Have a good Sunday or new week (to my Australian friends) 


  1. The hotel garden looks lovely, Orchid. I didn't know your hubby played the sax! Very interesting mushroom. xo

  2. So glad you are back, Orchid! It sounds like you had a lovely visit, even if it was for a smober occaision. Your pictures, as always, are lovely and the food looks delicious. You have a very talented family!

  3. thanks for sharing this very special day my friend!
    such a lovely hotel garden.
    the mushroom was so beautifully presented!!!!

  4. Dearest Orchid,

    What a lovely garden indeed, so tranquil...
    What a joy for your husband's cousin to see her beautiful artwork already hung. She will be quite honored and pleased.
    For me it was lovely to see that beautiful Matsu-take mushroom in your post. You know, we have worked all our life in the mushroom business. You prepared it very well. The presentation with those gingko and maple leaves + pine was lovely! Even with the lemon it came.
    So glad you enjoyed it!
    Love to you,


  5. Hi Orchid!
    You always have so many interesting occasions you write about for your readers...and friends! I watched on a tv food show this morning when the chef was creating a recipe with soba noodles and thought of you and your husband. I've learned so many new things through our shared friendship and shared lifestyles!

    How thoughtful of your husband's ex-colleague's Mother to gift you with such a rare food delicacy!

    The gardens look so serene, I am sure you had a pleasant time spent in them.

  6. Hi Orchid san,
    It was lovely to seen the Japanese garden the trees are looks like Shape of Bonsai and all beautiful present the Mushroom and the Gingko nut with maple leaves.
    You are lucky to have a talented family Orchid san,
    Thank you for sharing to us!
    Enjoy evening,

  7. Dear Orchid,
    The pictures of the hotel gardens are beautiful. I could spend the afternoon admiring the many sculpted shrubs and plantings. I have never heard of this type of mushroom but you make it sound like it would be a special treat and the way you prepared it does make it look good. It sounds like everyone had a pleasent time this weekend. I always like seeing pictures of your hubby's hobby room. Hugs to you dear friend

  8. Oh Orchid what a beautiful place to stay.
    Happy you had enjoyable time.

  9. that hotel garden looks so relaxing. if the hotel is anything like that, i'm sure it is a wonderful place to stay.

    your mushroom dish looks delicious. i love mushrooms.

  10. The garden is beautiful and it was so nice of your friends to send you those mushrooms. I've always liked the painting by your hubby's cousin. It is lovely!

  11. You never have to apologize to us for anything. When you have time you can read and comment. We all get busy. I love your pictures. They are beautiful. Sounds like you had a nice visit with family. Hugs!

  12. That hotel garden is lovely! Such a lovely and respectable ritual to perform for the deceased.

    How blessed you were to get that beautiful matsutake mushroom and I love the way it is packaged with the pine, leaves and lemon. It looks very delicious grilled with your sauce. YUM!

    Never worry about getting to our blogs. You do so when you have time. We all have busy lives to live and everyone understands. Have a beautiful week, my lovely friend.

  13. The garden of the hotel is beautiful!! I would love to stay at the hotel like this. Maybe the hotel has a large public bath area? Then it's perfect! I love hot springs :-)
    The painting looks great in your husband's hobby room. I'd love to hear him play saxophone.
    And matsutake! Yum!! I'm jealous now :-)