Thursday, October 27, 2011

Chestnut-rice and cooked veggies

(posted Japanese meal page)
Hello, I wanted to introduce you mainly chestnut-rice today.
Oh, my pictures are always poor and don't know why a bit of darkish; they just don't do the justice for the taste.  Yes, please believe me they were delicious and my hubby asked me when I would post meal topic next time, haha.
                               If you enlarge pictures, might look more delectable p;)

satoimo (local poteto/ literal translation, I couldn't find the English name), lotus root, devil's tongue, carrot, tofu, shiitake mushroom; cooked with soup-stock, suger, cooking-liquor, soy-sauce

fried salmon with butter (dredged katakuri-ko for salmon before flying, haha)  

this is the peeler for chestnut

PS> I love the way blogger put the enlarged pictures forward automatically.  I know the "show original" button.   However, I just prefer the background to be "white" when I enjoy the other friend's beautiful  pictures.....   
Well, what do you think?


  1. Hi Orchid,
    Mmmm that all looks tasty. I don't recognise some of those vegetables though.
    I'm sorry if my blog made you feel a bit emotional!!
    Have a good day. :)

  2. The rice looked nice I love rice and would have it with most meals if I could but I do not eat seafood

  3. Even though it is not yet 5 AM here, my stomach rumbled a bit when I saw your pictures- delicious looking! I wish we could all share a blogging family meal. I know people would flock to eat whatever you cooked!

  4. What a beautiful dish! loved the Kuri
    gohan. Satoimo: Taro I can buy at The Japanese shops in here.
    Your Japanese dish are totemo kirai desu.
    I still remember that Tanba no Kuri,
    You have a nice day,

  5. Everything looks so yummy. I eat a lot of vegetables and when I cook I try to add as many as I can to the meal. I don't recognise some of the vegetables in this meal but it doesn't matter as I love trying new things. I usually don't eat this early but find I'm hungry from looking at all of this good food. Have a wonderful day my dear friend. Hugs

  6. Such a pretty presentation and it's making me very, very hungry! I would love some authentic Japanese food. We have restaurants here, but they try to cater to the Westerners and put an American twist to their food.

    Thank you for posting this Orchid! I love the photos!

  7. I wish I could taste some of these delicious looking dishes you've prepared and presented so attractively, Orchid. Some of the vegetables (lotus root, devil's tongue and satoimo) are unknown to me, but I have eaten and enjoy tofu. I've only eaten chestnuts once, long ago, when I was on holiday in England with my parents. We had roasted chestnuts, which were sold from roasting carts on every street corner, but I was not too impressed with them from what I recall. Your rice dish looks so yummy, though and I love the serving platter, which complements the colours perfectly. I have only eaten fresh salmon very occasionally, as it is costly here. I wish I could eat it regularly, as I do enjoy it and it's so healthy!

  8. Oh Orchid it all looks delicious and I think your photo's are great. I love rice,any kind and vegetables too.
    My grandmother used to eat rice with a touch of sugar and warm milk almost everyday.She lived to be 97.
    Big Hugs

  9. I love chestnuts in the fall, they always remind me of my mother! Your food looks very delicious, Orchid, wish we could have dinner :) xo

  10. Hi there Orchid, dear friend. The whole meal looks delicious (or very scrummy, as we say over here sometimes!!). It is all beautifully presented and, like Desiree, I loved the serving plate. I am eating a lot of rice at the moment, as I can't eat potatoes or pasta anymore. I can only eat wild rice or basmati rice though. Like the others, I haven't heard of many of those vegetables, but I'm sure they were very tasty. Warmest wishes to you my friend.

  11. those look delicious! i've not heard of many of those vegetables but i do love mushrooms! and love salmon. yum yum!

  12. I love nuts with rice, I use roasted almonds. I also love salmon. Your dishes look wonderful! Lucky husband! Hugs. :)

  13. Oh yum! Orchid, it all looks so delicious! Thank you so much for sharing your Japanese delicacies. Hugs, sweet friend.

  14. Hi Orchid san! I love chestnut rice!! Your dishes look so delicious ~ it's shokuyoku no aki, isn't it? :-)
    I love the plate the salmon is on. It's very pretty :-)