Friday, September 2, 2011

Feeling of Need to improve English and "The King's Speech"

Hopefully this movie helps me a little,
This movie have released in Japan yesterday at rental-video-shop. I am looking forward to watching it. It should be really interesting for me; in a sense both knowing how George VI overcame the hardship and learning vocabularies, improving listening English comprehension.

Overwhelmed by my friends' Posts,
Reading my friends intellectual and high-quality posts, I always find myself  overwhelmed by MARVELOUSLY WRITTEN ENGLISH with lots of VOCABULARIES which some (hehe, way more than some) of then I don't know and sometimes I totally lost from the starters of reading them.....   It must require some personal knowledge for the particular friends,though.
Let me tell you here that there are times I cannot catch up with reading your posts with rich contents. So would you be kind enough to tolerate or forgive me if I misunderstood your post or comment.
From half a month ago, I started using the Google's translation function in the tool-bar. Helping me a little by saving times but not proper meaning for the context at times.


  1. amaze me with your ability to share your thoughts and insights in another language. I love the way you phrase things and I really love hearing about how you live and your traditions. You are a very sensitive and loving friend.

  2. You do a wonderful job expressing yourself Orchid. Don't change too much we all love you just the way you are.

  3. You are wonderful with your vocabulary and each comment I recieve from you is a treasure to behold. You always make me smile with your precious personality. I don't think I could ever master your language and I am in awe at how well you know English.

    I recieve comments on my blog in Spanish at times and I do not have any idea what they say. I do the same thing you do with the google translator but never get the full meaning. I post them anyway and hope they are good ones. ;-)

  4. My dear friend, you have a charming way of expressing your thoughts in your posts. I would never be able to do as well as you do in a second language. Your posts are interesting and refreshing and your blog is a place to come to visit with a sweet and interesting friend. We do love you just the way you are.

  5. Orchid, you are such a sweet, kind person, and I hope you know you can always email me if there is something you don't quite understand in any of my posts. I love how much you love language and words. ((hugs)) xo

  6. I think you do an amazing job of understanding my Scottish writing! I don't think I would manage nearly as well as you using a second language.

  7. Hi Orchid san,
    I admire for you that you are try to improvement on your English.
    But you need to enjoy your blogging.
    I was like that 2005 and I didn't enjoyed post very much..
    but my friends encourage me to just keeping blogging.
    Some friends said to me "you are not having an examination?" then we can guess what you wrote LOL!
    I would like to have a good friends which I can afford to keeping our friendships hope you are one of a good friends of mine:-)
    Enjoy your day,

  8. I agree with the others Orchid. You are such a sweet blogging friend, and I think you do very well with your posts, and your comments, which are always delightful. Please don't change too much. We just love you the way you are!! Hugs.

  9. I haven't seen this movie, yet, but it's supposed to be really good! Though I have hard time understanding British English. I will need a caption :-(
    I agree, Google translator does not know the context so often gives us meaningless translation. I think I could learn more to read English through blogging :-)

  10. do a wonderful job!!! i always understand perfectly!!! I would not be able to understand or speak your language,but you are able to do it with mine!! you make me look very lazy!!!
    Really not change a thing!! You are perfectly charming just the way you are!!

  11. Dearest Orchid,

    Guess that you do far better than most people whose mother tongue us English! So don't worry and don't try to be a perfectionist (very Japanese...) but let your hair down once in a while and just enjoy reading and writing without worrying too much!
    Love to you,


  12. Orchid you never need to apologize for that. I'm thrilled to have you visit my blog and to read it. I love your comments and your friendship and that is what matters the most. Besides, you understand a great deal! I only know a few phrases in Japanese and would be completely lost if the roles were reversed.