Sunday, August 28, 2011

Worry about Irene and Parking Lot for Handicaps

Worry about Irene
I am SO worried about people living east coast of America.  I just heard from the news that there are some casualties due to the Hurricane. And more than 2 million people were forced to evacuate from its route.  In Japan, this season every year we are in danger of being hit from several of them. Okinawa is said to be "the department of typhoons". I have many stocks of small refrigerants (when I buy cakes they are put into the box for free to keep them cool) to put into the freezing chamber while power outage.  Hoping for not causing the big damage. My friends, hoping for your SAFETY☆☆☆

Sad about Bad Manners
My husband has a handicap with his legs and driving a car which has remodeled especially for him. As I don't have a drivers license, he is kind of my personal driver now. Well, we have been noticing that all the parking lot for disabled people sometimes are already full and some of the cars without hanging the signs showing it. We have witnessed the terrible case today when we went to buy his new cellphone and he wished to the closer place.  He got a bit offended by the bad manner. I felt sad if the manners of Japanese people which supposed to have a good reputation is getting slightly worse.


maddyrose said...

Hurricanes and typhoons are scary because they are a force of nature and can not be controlled. You have to prepare for them the best that you can and pray that all will be well. That's what I'm doing now. I'm watching the news and praying for the people in Irene's path that they will be alright. Have a nice day sweet friend. Hugs

Barbara F. said...

Hi Orchid, I am happy to be reading your post today, I still have power/cable, for how long, who knows? So far, so good. That is too bad about rude people. Same thing goes on here, but if police go by and notice, you will get a ticket to pay a large fine. xo

artistamyjo said...

The storm seems to have done some damage in different areas.I do not think is has been as bad as what they were expecting,thank goodness!
We have same here in the US with handicap parking,seems rude people are world wide.

Mekkan said...

hi! I was away from blogging for these days but I'm back now. I was busy reconnecting my old old friends overseas. Hopefully I can keep blogging without a long interval. You've been keeping a good job here. I'll come back again.

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

i'm sad to see people park in handicap spots, too that don't belong there. i have a handicap permit for myself and ron also has one. because mine is for balance and vertigo, sometimes people don't realize that i have a disability, until they see me lose my balance while walking. sometimes, i don't have a spot to unload the wheelchair for ron so have to drop him off, go park, and then go find him. it is a nuisance.

my son's girlfriend lives in New Jersey but her family is all safe. that was great news to hear.

lyndylou said...

all this bad weather is scary and a real worry!

I also get annoyed with people who park in disabled parking bays when they are clearly not and don't have a sign to say they can park there.

It is one of my pet peeves!

Mariette's Back to Basics said...

Dearest Orchid,

So sorry for your dear husband having to face this rudeness. We've seen it here in the south east too, some people without any problem park on the handicap spot just because they're too lazy to put one foot in front of the other. Wish they would realize what they do to the ones that really can't walk well because of a true handicap! But moral values are on the decline; sadly so!
We had yesterday 4 times a power outage but nothing compared to the 3,000,000 people that were without power due to the hurricane. I can't complain!
For you, to laugh a bit, here is a funny comedian, he's part Japanese and part from India (his Dad). ENJOY:

Love to you,


Ann said...

Bad Karma to those who "steal" the handicapped spots. It is just so unforgivably rude!!! i'm sorry to hear that your husband is affected by these ill-mannered people. xoxoxo

Glenda said...

Orchid, thank you for your thoughts and concern for us here in the US during the hurricane. Thankfully it was a little less than was expected - at least in our location. Too bad you guys don't have the "handicap parking police" which give tickets to all not showing a hanging tag or a license plate. Most people in our area wouldn't dare park in a handicap spot. Our church has three handicap parking spaces, and thankfully we have no handicapped members, but those three spots sit empty every Sunday morning. It's nice to see them empty.

Jo-Anne Rambling said...

I get so mad when I see people parked in the disable parking spots without the disable paking permit. My mother has a disable parking permit and she looks fine so I do not judge whether someone has the right to park in those spots by how they look.

I also have been thinking of my friends who may be affected by Irene.

michiko said...

Hi Orchid san,
In here if you park in handicap sport with out disability the label which shows in your cars front of the windows.
It is a big fine need to paid,
that why not many people are take risk for that.

Hope you have a happy a week ahead with your Hubby,

Mariette's Back to Basics said...

Dearest Orchid,

Well, my kitchen is not new; it is almost 21 years old. Only the Miele cooktop is new and before that Pieter did put in the kitchen sinks from Italy. I still love my kitchen very much and it is a pleasure to work in it.
Thanks for your visit and comments and have a lovely day.


Sush said...

Hi Orchid...We on the east coast of the US thank you for your concern...I managed to fair very well with Irene. Tree branches and leaves were the worst I had by my house. My sons in Va didn't have damage to their homes but lost power and had trees down in roads around them.

I get very frustrated with people who use the parking spots for the disabled. I have a disabled parking permit but use it only on my worst days. I know there are people with a greater need than I have most days. I am sure your Japanese mannered citizens will keep things in check! I hope your husband doesn't continue to have a hard time finding a parking spot.

Thisisme. said...

Hi Orchid. Sorry I'm late in posting a comment. There seems to have been real problems with the freak weather all over the world throughout this year, and it's not good. You will know about this more than anyone, living in Japan as you do. So sorry to hear about your hubby's problem with disabled parking. It is exactly the same over here, and it is so WRONG!! I can quite understand why your hubby gets upset about it. Warmest wishes to you both.

Sunshineshelle said...

Ahh Orchid, mother nature seems a little cranky at the moment, we have to be nicer to her :) Not sure why rudeness & selfishness is becoming an everyday way of life for so many, believe me there are many of us that still care for the 'right' way of doing things & hopefully things may return to being polite & thoughtful to our fellow man - makes the world a sweeter place

romance-of-roses said...

Orchid, know what you mean about handicapped parking. My husband is handicapped, he had a stroke 10 years ago and I am his caretaker. Same thing happens, no parking and some cars have no sign on them, this is not fair. Have heard on the news that some people still those sign's to use and they are not handicapped. Awful! Yes, Irene was terrible, it's gone but now they have flooding. Hugs...Lu

Tamago said...

I am praying for those who are affected Irene. And I am hoping you are ok - I heard big Taifu is coming to Japan.
I'm sorry about the experience you and your husband had with parking space. It's so wrong!! I hope these people will learn to be less selfish.

Mina said...

How lovely of you to send your kind wishes to those affected by Irene. We are just helpless at the hands of nature and can only hope for the best.

We have the same problem here with our handicap parking spaces. People are just so rude, Miss Orchid. They are supposed to get a ticket for doing it but I think most of the time it goes unotticed. Hugs to you, my dear friend.

kneesandpaws said...

Hi Orchid, I'm sorry I have been away from blog land for a while. I was very worried about Hurricane Irene too. I'm sorry to hear that you and your husband were treated rudely.

Lynn said...

Is it the younger generation in your country that is parking in the disabled parking spaces? I know when my son was working in your country he told us many stories of how the Japanese people are so very respectful on every level. I also read many times in the newspaper after your tsunami how the people in your country wait quietly for help, always wanting to make sure someone else who has greater needs will be taken care of first. It was written about so often because the beautiful manners of your country was/is so impressive. I think I am actually surprised at reading this about parking in disabled spots with the hanging tag going on in your beautiful country. Over here, it is rampant, but everything my son told us was about beauty, calm, respect in your country.