Sunday, August 14, 2011

Pink Saturday and kitchen knives

Sorry for my belated post, I hope I'm still in time. I wanted to join Beverly (how sweet the sound) for her thoughts,  Quick post without much explanation,

One of my new friends' post made me wonder how western people use kitchen knives or are there variety of them.

Pink ones, (curvy knife is for water melon)

last two knives for the filleting fish

For the usual use (veggie or things)


  1. We're a knife happy bunch of people in the US. My Chef's knife for chopping vegetables and herbs is the one I use most. Then a paring knife for peeling fruits. A filet knife for fish and chicken. And steak knifes for our grilled steaks. And don't forget a serrated knife for cutting fresh loaves of bread. I have at least twenty knifes and use all of them.

  2. Dearest Orchid,

    Oh, knives in all sorts do belong in a kitchen. We have German knives and use them daily as we prepare our three meals a day at home. Only seldom we eat out, as for a health conscious diet it is best to handle it yourself.
    Love to you,


    PS Some of the best knives for Chefs in the USA are Japanese knives; high quality!

  3. I would love to knifes with pink handles as I love pink lately....... I prefer small knifes as I only have small hands and find big knifes harder to handle.......

  4. I use my Chef's knife the most as I chop fresh vegetables for most meals. I have 5 knives that are in a wooden holder that I use for most of the cutting, chopping, paring fileting and then speciality knives in a drawer for sectioning grapefruit and slicing bread cutting pizza and numerous other knives and functions. I would agree that we are indeed a knife happy people.
    Happy Sunday. Hugs

  5. Hi Orchid san,
    The filleting knives it mostly Japanese knives are very sharp though
    I guess most of people are well know by from our Samurai sword?
    But one thing is wrong that it quickly rust away if you don't cleaned and dry it up.
    We have German Knives brand name are E.D.WUSTHOF.SOLINGEN.ROSTFREI
    which when my hubby used import from the Knives and hardware engineering tools in this country.
    And a good to seen those knives are still very popular today.
    It is getting too old now.

    BUT I like to use Japanese knive for the fish especial for Osasimi.
    As Mariette san has mentions that Japanese knives are high quality:-)
    And the scissors as well too that people who works in the hair salons they used in here.
    Have a nice day,
    I never lost my love for the Japanese things Ayako san:-)

  6. I guess I'm in the minority. I have one really sharp knife and use it for everything. Then again, I don't do much cooking. Oh well....

    Have a wonderful Sunday!

  7. Looks like you have the right knife for any need you might have. I like all of them in pink.

  8. The water melon knife looks cute. I've never had one but must be very handy!

  9. Orchid, my late hubby was an Chef. We had all kinds of knives and gadgets in our kitchen yet he always favored one or two knives for everything. I wondered why he kept the others but I didn't bother to ask. It was his kitchen after all!! I like the pink.

  10. a watermelon knife!! i have never seen one!! my family is from the South..Georgia..and everyone "cuts" a watermelon when you visit..this was when i was a child...they always use a huge straight knife.
    i wonder if they use a watermelo knife know?
    i don't have too many knives...maybe 4 different kinds.
    no fillet knife.
    do have a paring,serrated,steak and a couple big sharp ones..don't know if they have a "special" use or not!!!

  11. Dearest Orchid,

    Thanks for your visit and hope you managed the next group of visitors. May you all have a blessed day!
    Love to you,

  12. Lovely knives - Well made knives last forever! Unfortunately, most of what is offered is not well made. Love your selection!

  13. You have a wonderful knife collection. I only have 1 for cutting vegetables and fruits, 1 for meat and 1 for bread. ;-)