Sunday, August 21, 2011

Oh, what has happened to him


Hubby, using mouse of PC for the first time☆☆☆
He has never shown any interest using it before.  Normally, just letting (haha, ordering would be a proper word) me to open pages whenever he needs to check something.  Sometimes he wishes to look into pages about soba noodle or saxophone pages and so on.  I assumed that he hesitated to ask me to go back and forth in the list of  of Yahoo's pages. I sensed it and gave him a quick lesson about clicking arrows. Funny he seems to enjoy surfing on PC pages.
Thank God that he doesn't read this page, or rather English is not his long suit (wonder if it is a correct expression). While I was taking pictures, he pretended to ignore me or not to show how he feels about it knowing what I will do with them.
Haha, typical Japanese man,


  1. Hi Orchid, this post is very cute! Your husband is a handsome man! He looks like he is concentrating very hard!! xo,

  2. Let the internet addiction begin! Ha! Ha! Ha! :)

    Love these pictures.

    A hug and a kiss for you, Orchid xoxoxoxo

  3. Yes, now he's going to be hogging the computer and soon he will think he's been doing it on his own all along. Hugs

  4. Wow it's his first time using mouse!! I think he will find it very fun to surf internet soon :-) My mom never uses PC..I want her to so we can exchange e-mails. It's a very cute post, Miyako san :-)

  5. Hee Hee my little friend. This was a good post, and, yes, your hubby is very handsome!! Not just typical Japanese man - but typical man anywhere!!! Let's hope that he doesn't now take over your laptop, so that you won't be able to write your blog!! Hugs to you.

  6. Very cute post..looks like you created a monster..wait until he gets the bug!

    I think you are going to have to get another laptop...

  7. Cute post Orchid and hubby is cute too !
    Look out he'll want his own computer soon. Hugs

  8. enjoyed your nice to see your husband..very handsome!!
    my husband doesn't like looking stuff up on computer..he'd rather have me do it!!!

  9. very cute post! my husband has had trouble with the computer, too. lol - he calls me sometimes and asks me what his login information it. he forgets.

  10. Hi Orchid san,
    woohoo! It going to be a very interesting time come?
    Because Japanese men are very proude of themselves ha ha
    I'm sure one click and all page is gone?? Let's hope everything okay with him:-)

  11. Dearest Orchid,

    Indeed, your cute husband will soon dive into this new-found addiction. More soba noodle research and saxofoon reading... Just WAIT.
    But it is rather amusing the way you put this post together!
    Love to you,


  12. My hubby is not very computer literate and I have to show him what to do over and over again and it can be very frustrating.......have to say you hubby is a good looking man and a lucky man he has you for a wife.......

  13. Ohh you will have to make sure your blog is password protected LOL, otherwise he will realise we have been watching him make noodles & seen in his hobby room!! Great post Orchid. Hey my daughter Memphis who loves all things Japanese (esp Manga & Anime) is following you now, she started a blog last week & I showed her photos of meals you have cooked and how you were letting us know about 1st & last name placement when addressing others in Japan & she thought it was great as that day she had found out the same thing at school from the exchange student :) My daughter's blog is and I talked her into starting one as she loves to write :) pop by if you get the chance she would love to say Hi!

  14. Might just be typical of all men the world over! Ha!

  15. Hi Orchid,
    Oh yes...husbands all over the world love to play at that game. Your husband looks very kind...I agree with Diane, don't let him take over your laptop so you can't get to the blogging!


  16. In our case it was husband who first got his own computer, well he had a business and needed it. Later I wanted my own and we bought with this experience soon your husband will want his own too. So here we sit side by side with our computers, it's fun and we enjoy it. hugs...Lu

  17. That is so cute! My husband did the exact same thing as yours and now he can't stay off of it. I think all men are alike no matter what part of the world they come from. ;-)