Friday, July 15, 2011

Nadeshiko-Japan derived from Yamato-nadeshiko

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I thought I should know the definition of this word as a Japanese.

Japanese woman (with all the traditional graces); an ideal Japanese woman." Daijirin (3rd ed., 2006) defines it: "1 ナデシコの別名。2 日本女性の清楚な美しさをほめていう語。", "1. another name for Dianthus superbus. 2. A figure of speech for the beauty of Japanese women who are neat and tidy."
Also known as an ideal Japanese woman per Confucianism, it revolves around acting for the benefit of the family and following instructions or acting in the best interest of patriarchal authority figures. Virtues include loyalty, domestic ability, wisdom, and humility.
During World War II, the idea of Yamato Nadeshiko was influenced by war-time propaganda. A Yamato Nadeshiko should be able to endure all the pain and poverty of life for her husband (a soldier) and the country, and should always be ready to fight with naginata or tae yari and to be ready to die at any time, for her country or to keep her chastity, in a similar way to bushido.[citation needed] However, as opposed to being a particularly feminine characteristic, gyokusai, or to give up life for the war, was a duty expected from all who wished themselves to be considered a Japanese citizen.
Today, in most cases, the term "Yamato nadeshiko" is used in the context of nostalgia, referring to Japanese women with "good old" traits, as they are increasingly rare.  


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