Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cutting-edge toilet and Slow Response to Change

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Wow, do we need this advancement?
Our old flush toilet got broken less than a month ago and we had brand-new high-tech toilet. We were SO amazed with the fact that evrything can be done automatically.  "Just sit and Leave"  The toilet seat's top opens and closes by itself, fushes by itself.  Thinking back just a few decades ago; or maybe for my generation, these functions are too much advancement or a bit over the top.
I still tries to open the automatically opening top, surprise me untill when (^^;)
My husband and I laughed together about the fact that we both got really slow to get used to the change of the environment.

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In Japan, we call "washlet ウォシュレット.... (wash+tiolet)" for Bidet toilet.  
The word "bidet,ビデ" means only for cleaning function.
<>(quot from PC-site)<>
Bidet toilet seats have only been around since 1980 and were first made by the company Toto in Japan. Toto first called the Bidet Toilet Seat a Paperless Toilet and now they go by name Washlet or Washlets.
The concept of cleaning yourself with water after doing your business has been around for 1000's of years. Bidets have been around for about 200 years and originated in France. In the early 1900's, the porcelain bidet appeared in Europe and later in the US. The porcelain bidet looks like a toilet but without the tank and seat. Some common misspellings of bidet are bedit and bedet. The word bidet sounds like "be day".
The old style bidets fell out of favor in the US, not because of what they did, but mostly because of how you had to do it. It took a lot of work to use one. You also needed extra space in your bathroom and extra plumbing, and that could be very costly. When you wanted to use one, you had to remove your clothing and straddle the cold porcelain bidet, then afterward dry yourself off with a towel. The concept was a good one because it left you feeling clean and fresh, but just too much of a hassle.


  1. Oh hahaha, we need a new toilet, perhaps I can convince my husband to go high tech. It would help to have a seat that works by itself. I suffered through fours sons and now I have two grandsons and all seem to have not grasped the concept of putting the seat back down.


  2. This was funny, Orchid, a high-tech toilet! That would make me nervous, I think! I remember seeing bidets in Italy the first time I visited there. I thought, why do they have two toilets?? lol xo

  3. ThaT was an interesting post about the use of the bidet! We actually have one in our bathroom! Oh my goodness, that hi tech toilet sounds amazing, and I can imagine that you still go to manually lift the seat. How funny! Hope your humidity eases for you soon my friend.

  4. The high tech toilet sounds wonderful. Does it clean itself too? Now that's what I'm waiting for.

  5. Gosh, haven't seen one of those here.
    But then you have always been fortunate to be ahead of the U.S.
    Wonder if they makethem here?

  6. High tech, do not know if I like it or not. Kind of like the old things not much on change .I have seen so many funny things about bidets in the movies.Our countrys are so many things different.Laura

  7. How nice you got the high-tech toilet!! I love these toilets - automatic cover is amazing. When my nieces saw this automatic top for the first time, they called it "ghost toilet." I guess it's a very common feature now.

  8. I love Japanese high tech toilets! They are great!

  9. Dearest Orchid,

    Ha-ha this is a fun subject. I recall that my five students (girls) went all to the toilet in Japan and had to try it out. They could not believe the flushing, the cleansing front and back and the air-drying afterwards. Seats heated too...
    We had one in the mid 80s here in our previous home in Georgia. My husband did bring it back from Taiwan; Toitek was the name. When our home was sold again, due to Campbell Soup moving us to Pennsylvania, that very toilet seat was quite a conversation piece! We had another one installed but the workers must have dropped it during construction and it leaked. So we were forced to take it off...
    Miss that luxury though!

    Lots of love,


  10. Now that's fancy! Sorry I've been absent from commenting on your blog lately, Orchid! I've been cleaning the house like crazy to get it ready to sell. I may be caught up now. :)


  12. Hahaha Orchid, this is a funny post. But tell me, does the toilet CLEAN itself? Now that is an advancement that I would pay for!

  13. Did you too? Ours washlet too. In fact we forced to change it to a new one when the bath room floor needed to be repaired. We have another bathroom basically for my husband's mother, Oshutomesan. We changed a old one to a washlet almost 20 years ago so that she won't bend down for the sake of her kees. My impression is the newest one in our bathroom is easier for cleaning. That's important, isn't it.
    By the way, I've finally blogged. Drop by anytime.

  14. we had a bidet put in our last house for my husband as his hands don't work very well due to his disabilities. lol - having a toilet that opens and closes the seat automatically would be nice.

    the place we live now has a tiny bathroom, just big enough for his wheelchair to get in and out. we added a bidet attachment to the existing plumbng, which works pretty well for him.

  15. You made me laugh with this post!! I'm just happy we fixed our flush, until then we had to flush, then hit the side of the toilet to make it refill, then flush again... none of those fancy toilets for us, I'm happy with one that just flushes properly ;)