Sunday, July 24, 2011

City Firework festival and Yukata (summer kimono)


This is my more than 35 years old summer kimono             These are the modern new style kimono from PC

 We had unexpected, pleasant call from a couple of hubby's ex-colleague and they came to show their Yukata before going festival.  And approved that I upload their pictures.

City Firework Festival was held last night and it became an annual event for both of us to go.  Always gives me a moment of feeling free from mundane affairs. Enjoyed about 2 hours' transient fireworks show. 
Yukata is nowadays worn mainly at the traditional summer events like firework festivals, bon dance festivals etc. I saw many couple at the festival, girl wearing it but not boys.  A bit funy feeling to see couples like these for my generation. And I wonder if you can see the difference of the design between my old one and new one. As I haven't worn and opened mine after using a couple of years when young, no longer capable to wear. 


  1. Oh, Orchid, what a lovely kimono. Your friends look so happy wearing their festive clothes. Is this festival in the village or a large city? Is there a religious significance?

    Have a beautiful weekend ~
    TTFN ~

  2. I enjoyed getting caught up reading your posts today - I'm a little behind on my reading. I love reading about your culture! Your older Kimona is beautiful - I've always admired how lovely the japanese women look in the traditional dress - it's so feminine. The new ones are also beautiful! Keep up your wonderful blog!

  3. It is a shame you can no longer wear your lovely Yukata. I have always thought it would be nice to own such a lovely garment but would have no place to wear it where people could see and admire it. The photo of the fireworks is pretty too.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. What beautiful fireworks, Orchid! I think the young ladies look lovely in their kimonos. I am sure you look beautiful in yours. xo,

  5. Orchid, what a lovely post. I enjoyed learning about the festival and the beautiful summer kimonos. Your old one is very delicate and so lovely. I'm happy that you were able to attend a celebration. Have a wonderful day, from your friend, Jenny

  6. Orchid, I am so sorry I have not been to vist until now. Hubby has had a difficult time with pain and I have not been blogging nor visiting. I have checked my emails but sadly have not responded. I ask you to accept my apology for not responding to your lovely comments. I will be be blogging again soon, I hope. My heart just was not in it while he was doing physical therapy and in pain after that part each day. I love your fireworks! That looks awesome. I also love the traditional festive clothes. Your kimono is beautiful.

  7. Dearest Orchid,

    We just got home from a dinner with our best friends and now I read some blogs. Your kimono was a very sweet one, light colors versus some darker ones now with bold colors. You cannot fit into it anymore you think? It would be nostalgic to wear it once more...
    I wish I had someone helping me dress into my kimono... We got one in Japan, complete with Obi sash (?) and wood Geta sandals.
    Informative post and this is great for teaching us more about your beautiful culture! Thanks for taking the time and for thinking of making photos from the young couples.

    Lots of love,


  8. Beautiful Kimono Orchid and how nice you still have it,
    the festival looks like fun too.

  9. Your Kimono is beautiful and vintage, and vintage clothing is all the rage these days. And fun! :)

  10. your kimonos are absolutely beautiful! I love to see traditional dress. i have some friends from India and I to see their traditional clothing.

  11. I miss summer festival in Japan. It is so much fun and I love fireworks. Your photos are beautiful and a couple of your husband's ex-colleague is lovely. I like your kimono - I like this clean white color and pretty flowers.

  12. Lots of comments you have today my dear friend! Your kimono is beautiful - such a shame that you can't wear it anymore. The modern ones are quite different, aren't they?! The firework festival sounds and looks wonderful. Hugs to you my friend.

  13. Orchid, such a beautiful kimono! So delicate looking and I love the pattern of the flowers! I enlarged it to better see the detail...does the sheerness come from the fabric itself or is it because of the age? You are such a tiny is it that you can not wear this?
    Gorgeous fireworks!!!
    thank you for sharing !!! I am always delighted to visit!!!

  14. What gorgeous kimonos! I have always loved this type of dress. Thank you for all of your kind words, my sweet friend. You mean so very much to me.

    Also, I am so happy that your blog is showing up in my dashboard again! Yay!