Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sorry, Not able to leave Comments !!!

I am really sorry, but I cannot leave comments

As you all may experiencing, I have big trouble with  followers and follow button  in side-bar pop up and out. Having trouble to follow new friends. Most of all, not being able to leave comments to my friends posts. Truly annoying me and feeling stressed out. For about comment issue; I am not sure but if I get comment tag with "choose an identity" part with my name on it, I can.

Do you think the situation right now reqires us to put the comment setting for "all users"?
Mine is set for "all  users" so that I can get comments?  Or this might cause any security problem.........
I'm wondering if my friends whom I cannot leave comments put the comment-setting differently.
Anyways SO sorry, when will they get these fixed.  Hope it will be ASAP,

PS:  my follower's number won't seem to be increased from 20 and I cannot see my friends who followed me when I started my blog....


  1. Dearest Orchid,

    Guess you got your settings perfect and don't change anything; just be patient and it will be back. Mine are back now but yesterday they came and went... Don't know what Google is up to. But then again, it must be mind-boggling for their technicians to handle such an enormous demand of Bloggers world wide... Let's keep that in mind as well. People are people and they cannot perform miracles.

    Have a lovely weekend. Lots of love,


    PS I feel so proud for having that many Japanese plants in our botanical garden!

  2. I am having the same issues and I wish I had some answers as well. Try not to let it stress you. Hopefully it will be corrected soon.

  3. Thank you very much.
    I guess all I can do is just be patient and wait.....
    Safer not to do anything, I think.