Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Teacups and Green Tea

Tea Cup Tuesday and Morning Green Tea
Hello, This is my first entry. I am a middle-aged Japanese. As my late mother used to have the same habit, every morning I cannot go without having 2 or 3 cups of green tea to start a day. Maybe for the people with my age, we need some stimulation through some caffeine. I love using teacups rather than Japanese Yunomi-cup for green tea. Well, I don't think there is any reason for it but I can enjoy the morning relaxing time with teacups. Maybe strange combination,haha.  At the meal time, it is daily  routine that I ask my husband which one he wants to have coffee or green tea. He enjoys both of them alternatively.
 I was SO fascinated and attracted by other blogger's entries and enjoyed browsing them. Others magnificent, gorgeous cups tempted me to buy more♡ I just have a few sets of them, I always  wish I could find more variety of them in my city.  Anyways, happy to have the honor to post. 


  1. Beautiful teacups, Orchid! I love to have tea in a pretty china cup. Thank you for visiting my blog and for your sweet comments! Happy day to you xo,

  2. Very lovely teacups.
    I'm very fond of green tea as well.
    Hugs, Amy

  3. How lovely. I collect teacups, so any time I see a pretty one, I take notice- and these definitely are lovely!

  4. Orchid, your tea cups are so pretty! They look lovely on your table.
    I think it is wonderful to have tea every morning with a loved one!

  5. きれい!You really like flowers! I love too and I love to enjoy tea with my favorite set of the day with my friends daytime and with my husband at night. Have a good tea time, too.

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  7. Orchid, welcome to tea day! Your teacups are lovely. I enjoy green tea several times a day!

  8. I love your teacup photos, I often drink tea but in nothing as beautiful, we just put a teabag in a sturdy mug and looking at your post makes me long for the pot of tea my mother makes (although she makes 'English breakfast') and when I visit we drink out of china cups, chatting until it's all gone :) I'm pleased I found your blog & I will follow you now as I also enjoyed reading about the noodle making experience! Have a sweet day
    Shelle :)

  9. Oh Orchid, your tea cups are beautiful! I love the little fairy and the gerber daisies as well. You are an artist with these photos!