Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Going to be in Full Bloom

Today, we have been to the near-by park (20minutes by car) to see cherry blossoms. They were not full-bloom yet, maybe 80%.
It was around 3:00 in the afternoon, we saw several couples with little kids, middle-aged women group enjoying strolling under the row of cherry blossom trees. We had a marvelous fine weather, so I felt pretty refreshed breathing the balmy outside air for a change.
They may be beautiful this coming Sunday.  However, my husband and I have to be away from  home until then to see his relatives.
There will be many people gathered under the tree and enjoy lunch this weekend, I hope.  Thinking how much people in Tohoku area are suffering, we feel a bit obligated to refrain from amusement. Even so, we just cannot lead our everyday life negatively forever and need pleasures sometime.


  1. Cherry blossoms are so special to us, aren't they. Though the national flower is chrysanthemums, we adore so much cherry blossoms, don't we.

  2. Oh Orchid, those trees are so gorgeous! I certainly hope you have your company and meal beneath them.

    Yes, my husband does take me on the Jeep trails and we have a lot of fun as long as he doesn't go on too much of an incline. If he starts to go up too high a hill I give him "the look". ;-)

  3. You make it sound so nice .It is still a little cold here.The cherry tree are so pretty.

    When I was gone I saw
    pretty flowers made from old komona fabric.
    I Had fun but it rained allot. Gone a couple day to my daughters home now Laura.

  4. Hi lovely lady. I miss this post the Cherry blossoms are so Beautiful!!!! You take lovely Photos sweet lady.
    I hope you have a Great Day.