Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Home-made Soba Lunch with ex-student and TOEIC test

My ex-student visited and said going to get married, taking TOEIC test
Several days ago, she called me after about a year interval and really surprised me. She is like my sweet young daughter saying inviting me to her wedding this year. I was glad to hear about it, but she also said her future spouse was transferred to Chiba recently before the earthquake. Kind of made me worried about it.
  My hus made hand-made Soba for her which she anxiously waited to have. She had both the one in the picture and the one with hot soup as well. She surprised him saying delicious even for soba-yu(そば湯)which is a hot cooked liquid. My hus drinks it every time he makes Soba, I don't. I think she really understands the taste of it. Although as you can see in the picture it was such a light lunch, I enjoyed chatting and hearing how she has been from her as well.
  Then she told me that she would like to take TOEIC test (Test of English for International Communication) and wanted to teach English for kids after getting married. Recently having a high score of the test is one strong credit. We went to the book store togather to chose the books and prepared for learning. Well, to tell the truth, I hadn't taken the test and hus has been forcing me to check how much score I would be able to have ...... 
  I wonder if I should  get my lazy motivation in gear (hope this phrase works) and start learning for that test, haha.


  1. It's always nice to have friends at home and spend time together. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. We offer European drugs for best prices! cheap online buy cealis sales NTIKr else But he will be glad he did.

  3. Thank you for your comment♡♡♡
    Yes, sure it is. We had a nice time togather.
    Hope you are doing fine.

  4. Hello, I just found your blog by way of Martha's Favorites (she is good friend of mine and we host Tea Cup Tuesday together each week). I think you have a very lovely blog and I have enjoyed my visit.

  5. yes it would be nice. but why? I will be home soon will write then Laura

  6. Dear, Ms. Terri
    I am SO pleased for you coming to my blog and following me!!!
    I will look into about the Tea Tuesday later with your site♡♡♡
    I also left comment for your blog, See you soon.

  7. Oh, HI! Judy♡♡♡
    Well, I understand the confusion. I am teaching school students English at home supplementary; with only one certification of government supported test. However, TOEC test is getting more popular here in Japan and both of us think having high score gives me much credit.
    To get a high score I would have to study hard......

    Hope you are doing fine and really looking forward to read your blog again. Love, your friend.

  8. Oh the food looks so amazing, I would love some noodles right about now :)