Sunday, March 27, 2011

Calligraphy Exhibition

After we attended the meeting of father's care-center for old-people in the morning, we've been to the Calligraphy Exhibition in the afternoon. Husband's 2 ex-colleges exhibit their works. I will share some of the works. I had permission to take pictures. As is always the case, I felt sad for the poor outcome of the pictures.

               My husband is trying to write next neighbor's son's name and having an instruction.
His name is "Yuhi"
I never knew my hus loves Calligraphy with our more than 3 decades marriage life.
I thought his work was better than I expected and happy our neighbor enjoyed it.
 I must be seeing his work in a favorable light 

 I will add this pic (on 28th) with the permission of hus and the mother of the boy. After he got hus's 習字(shuji)calligraphy, they both started to play in hus's room with the toy. 


  1. Your pictures are wonderful. Calligraphy is such a beautiful art.

  2. I wonder how you write in English. Cursive letter or block letter,haha.