Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Husband's Home-Made Buckwheat Noodle

Today, my husband made 蕎麦(buckwheat noodle) in the morning. Last spring when he retried from his job , he suddenly started making it. We had it at lunch. He said that buckwheat flour was not so fresh one today. However, the tastes was the same to me, haha.
The wooden board 蕎麦 on it also was his hand-made and it helps  to soak the water.
I have another blog page (with one of my student's help), which I created  more than a couple of years ago and haven't had posted anything for such a long time, but this one is convenient because of the link with twitter and facebook, I think.  
       Well,  I wish I would be able to have many blogger friends ☆☆☆


  1. Hello! Congratulations on your opening a new blog. Yay, it seems that I'm the first follower. Let's enjoy blogging in English together. By the way, it's great that you have a very nice chef in the house. I love buckwheat noodles.

  2. Yes,let's. I hope so, too!!!
    Well, my husband cooks or makes only soba, haha. So not actually a chef, though.....^^;