Monday, October 11, 2021

Chestnut tiger & Halloween Decoration from Cake Shop;


* Chestnut tiger Picture & Video Gifted by our Friend*

Our of our lady friend who is the drum player in the Band Group my husband involves kindly sent me a picture and a video which she was given by her friend. I've made some pictures from the video. Great that I can post this special butterfly for us this year again♡♡♡ One thing that I was surprised was that this video was taken by  her friend's garden. They only eat flower called "Hemp Agrimony; hiyodoribana" in Japanese. I wondered if the family planted this flower hoping this special butterfly to visit their garden.

Even though through video, I felt lucky to be able to see these two special butterflies happily flying around  in the family garden.And wishing to take pictures myself at the mountain next city this year again.

Pictures I've made from the video

*Halloween Decoration from Cake Shop*

I was happy I could find time to take Halloween Pictures this year at the Cake Shop near our house ;-)  Gorgeous Decorations with the Halloween Atmosphere.  

Beautiful Flower Arrangement work by our friend;
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Hope you all are coping with difficult situation with lots of restrictions we all are having.  Take Care and Thank you very much for stopping by.


  1. What pretty decorations! I enjoyed seeing them. I haven't decorated much this year, I'd rather be outside. Hugs from Florida!

  2. Miyako - I decorated for Halloween before we left on our trip to Santa Fe. Given that we live out in the country, no one really sees them, but I like it! Lovely butterfly! Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!