Sunday, June 28, 2020

Recently captured Dragonflies from the Fallow Field etc;

*Male & Female Dragonfly called "Lyriothemis"
Dragonfly lover husband & I felt very lucky this year finding critter recently.
Especially from this "Fallow Field".  We went there again and Loved his Posing on top of the weed.  The "GOLD"color of the female really impressed me♪

The picture below is the same one up there,  I smiled the different expression of the face.


*Sorry for the late posting of  these Rice Planting Scene*

 Loved the way this blue heron observing the work.

Thank you so much for stopping by.  I always appreciate your sweet comments.
My husband looks happy to be able see with band members as usual;
Wishing you have a wonderful new week ♪

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  1. Wonderful the dragonflies and crane photos and wonderful cards!
    Happy Sunday, Elke

  2. Dearest Miyako,
    You sure have lots of dragonfly spp in your region that make for fabulous photos.

  3. That is a beautiful dragonfly. The gold color on her is impressive indeed! The scenery with fallow field and Japanese style houses look peaceful. And the blue heron is adorable, looking very relaxed :-)
    I hope you are doing well, Miyako san, with the rainy season, virus, and all. Wishing you a wonderful new week!

  4. Fallow fields are wonderful places to explore. With the recent closures there are lots of places that used to be landscaped that have gone back to fallow fields. I love to see what kinds of new plants and critters I can see. - Margy

  5. I have always loved dragonflies and it seems you have so many. I know your husband loves that. Great pictures and close up shots of the dragonflies as well.
    Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade

  6. Miyako - I know you and your husband are in love with dragonflies, so I am glad for you that you keep finding ones for these spectacular photos. As for the heron - everyone needs a supervisor, right? Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday, and enjoy your week ahead!

  7. I like all the different ways you put your mosaics together. So very nice. :-)

  8. What a beautiful dragonfly, Miyako! Am glad you specified that it had a gold color - it was not easy to see. How are things in Japan? Hope you are now in the reversal of the virus? Many thanks for this lovely post for All Seasons, and have a happy week, Jesh

  9. Great shots of this beautiful dragonfly. Wishing you a pleasant weekend.

  10. These are beautiful. Dragonflies are my favorite insect-- something about them just makes me smile. Your photos and textures are so beautiful. Glad to have found your blog. Have a beautiful weekend.