Sunday, April 26, 2020

Dragonfly called "Libellula angelina" which is Scientific Name;

*Luckily we could find Rare Dragonfly*
I whimsically opened the home page of the Nature observation park, I luckily found that we could observe "鼈甲トンボ";  literal translation in Japanese can be "dragonfly with tortoiseshell design". My husband got SO exhibited as he found from his book that this one is endangered species. And prohibited to catch by the preservation law.  Naturally, Observation Center was closed and we could only walk outside.
All the pictures were taken by my husband.
This tiny dragonfly about 40mm is among the reed field. 
I was so surprised that he could find some and take pictures. 

Below is the different one called Libellula angelina found on a same day.

*His most recent work*
It was funny that he started making this one and proudly said;
"I made this one imaging this species."  ;-)
Far back of the reed field, there was this Thrush looking lonely;

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     I always appreciate your sweet comments;
I cannot imagine how people all over the world dealing with this restricted situation!!!

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  1. What a beautiful post, Miyako! Your husband is so creative. The one I love most is the imaginary one, the materials used are so shiny! But then the 4th from last capture with two pairs of wings is incredible - it looks like a dream, and not to forget the last one, so cute and sweet!
    Cannot thank you enough for bringing all this beauty to All Seasons each week - very much appreciated! Wishing you inspiration this new week, Jesh

  2. Dragonflies are beautiful creatures. I always feel fortunate whenever I cross one's path. So far, so good for us in our corner of the world. Take care, Miyako. :-)

  3. Isn't that terrific that he could find the elusive dragonfly!!

    It's delightful to see you over at 'My Corner of the World' this week!

  4. Wonderful post! What a beautiful scientific name! I do love dragonflies and this post is captivating!! Have a grand week!

  5. How lucky you got to see this rare dragonfly! Your husband has really good eyes to spot it! The wings do have tortoiseshell design. Looks very unique :-) I love your husband’s new dragonfly art. The wings are stunning and body colors with blue are gorgeous! So beautiful with amazing details!
    I hope you are coping well with this ongoing situation. Please take good care of yourself and stay safe. Have a wonderful new week, Miyako san xoxo

  6. The wings are so delicate and transparent. - Margy

  7. Miyako - how curious that your husband starting making the dragonfly model, and then you saw it in reality. Perhaps not a coincidence? So many parts of nature are making a comeback since all the humans have to stay inside! Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!

  8. Love it, what a wonderful artwork. I enjoyed reading, thank you for sharing.

    Stay healthy.

    Happy MosaicMonday the way I'm not longer at Wordpress, here is actually my Blog

  9. The tiny dragonfly is very special! Your husband took such wonderful photos! We are staying home more but can still get out in nature some and that helps! Take care!

  10. He does amazing art and I'm surprised he found the dragonfly among the reeds, he has a keen eye.
    Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade

  11. Nice work! It's hard to get good photos of insects and wings

  12. What a lovely dragonfly and very lucky to find it!

  13. I haven't see a dragon yet and I just love them...Thank you for lining in...Michelle

  14. Hello,Miyako,
    Beautiful dragonflies, great sightings. Your husband does beautiful work creating the dragonflies. Thank you for linking up and sharing the post. Take care! Enjoy your day, wishing you a great weekend!

  15. What a lovely gift of excitement in this awful time.