Sunday, November 17, 2019

Matsutake-Mashroom with Family Gathering and Dragonfly;

*Went to buy Matsutake-Mushroom*
On14th, after the13th Memorial Service for my husband's aunt, 9 cousins gathered and stayed at the Hot Spa (Onsen.温泉) where their mother used to visit. My husband and I were also invited for the occasion. The hotel is located an hour away from our house. Next day, my husband invited them to our house for the soba-noodle and he wished to put Matsutake-Mushroom  link in them as they have special flavor. This seasonal mushroom is hard to find at the supermarkets. We drove little more than an hour to the local place where they sell some days beforehand.
This spacial mushroom is so expensive ;-)
The picture below (left side ) is the one we bought. You can see the price of Yen.
Sorry that I couldn't take pictures of my husband's Soba-noodle with mushroom; I was SO busy to serve them he made when they came; no time to take pictures.
There are a little noodle-restaurant next to the store.
We enjoyed the noodle with lots of mushrooms in it then. 

Our guests below stayed this Hotel (picture above)

* Unidentified Dragonfly *
When we were alongside the neighbors' fence, we found this rare dragonfly (for my dragonfly-lover husband).  He seemed so discouraged not being able to p;-)

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  1. The price tag on matsutake mushrooms is 😱! But it’s really nice of your husband to get them for the guests. I bet they all enjoyed his soba noodle with matsutake. Must have been very special and yummy :-)
    The dragonfly is beautiful. If your husband doesn’t recognize, it must be extremely rare.
    Have another lovely autumn week, Miyako san xo

  2. Dearest Miyako,
    That no doubt was a delicious Matsutake dish prepared by your husband and yourself!
    Most exotic mushrooms are very expensive but they are worth it due to taste and texture.

  3. Every once in a while, it's good to treat yourself! What a lovely place to stay, sorry for the reason you were there.

    I'm glad to see you at 'My Corner of the World' this week!

    My Corner of the World

  4. It's mushroom picking season where we live in BC. Mushroom buyers come to town. One of the prize mushrooms is called a Pine. I understand a lot of them end up overseas. - Margy

  5. I fear I'm no expert on mushrooms though I do enjoy them. Thank you for sharing this information. I also love the photos of the dragon fly! Have wonderful week!

  6. An interesting post, I am not a fan of mushrooms

  7. Miyako - the hotel has lovely landscaping - I am sure the inside is just as lovely. Good mushrooms, even though expensive, are a worthwhile special treat. Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!!!

  8. The hotel garden looks stunning - the Japanese garden style pleases me so much. I haven't ever tasted Matsutake mushrooms, but certainly they are worth the money. Happy MM.

  9. My goodness, these mushrooms are expensive! Great you could spend times with family. Your guests stayed in a very nice hotel, at least in how the garden was shaped. Yes, I understand, it is hard to help out and taking pics at the same time:) Beautiful dragonfly, Miyako. Many thanks for sharing all these delightful experiences with All Seasons - and you were first this week on the linky list:):) Have a comfortable week!

  10. Hello, Miyako! I would enjoy the mushrooms and noodles. The hotel and garden look very pretty, a nice place for your guest. Beautiful captures of the dragonfly. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy weekend.