Sunday, July 28, 2019

Hand-Bell and Little Grebe

*Hand-Bell concert at a hospital*
Late spring this year, Hand-Bell group called "シュルンマーリート, shurunma-ri-to" held a concert at a big hospital's restaurant. Sorry for my late posting.  It was my first experience to hear the sweet sound of hand-bell directly with my own years.  One of the music I posted below they played is from Nursery Rhyme called "Seven Crows".  Sweet music by the sweet young girls♬
This is the y-tube page of this music with song.

*Gladiolus Flower and Japanese Pampas Grass*
About more than a month ago, my neighbor was working at his garden close to his gladiolus. I wanted to praise his hard work and started to talk to him. To my joy, he went to back yard and gave me his gorgeous gladiolus  I was so happy for this beautiful unexpected present.  I found this Japanese Pampas Grasses alongside the road.
*Little Grebe*
A few days ago, this sweet Grebe was enjoying a light swim after lunch. 
I saw the birdie had  a big catch of a fish ;-)

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  1. It was fun to listen to the sweet young girls playing their handbells! So interesting, I knew nothing about this. Yes gladiolus is a handsome flower <3 Wishing you a lovely Sunday & the coming new week. Best wishes from the hot Finland. Today 32 C, but next week we'll have very chilly, even under 18 C.

  2. Miyako - I have seen small and large handbell groups perform, and it is always impressive. How each person manages multiple bells has always been amazing to me. A lovely gladioli from your garden - I am sure it makes your heart very proud. Thanks for linking up to Mosaic Monday, my friend!

  3. The music is so soothing ... a well choreographed dance of tinkling bells. Lovely!

  4. I enjoyed the hand bell performance by these talented young ladies! The sound is so soft and pleasant. It was really fun to listen to a familiar music played with hand bell!
    Your neighbor is very sweet to gift you with his gladiolus. The flowers are so beautiful! Japanese Pampas Grasses are so beautiful, too!
    Lovely photos of cute Grebe :-) Have a wonderful new week, Miyako san xo

  5. Hand bells make a lovely sound. - Margy

  6. Wow, that is a long time ago I heard a hand bell choir - they performed often at church or during Christmas time. These gladioles are beautiful, and easy to to arrange in an art piece. The last image of the bird is so cute! Many thanks for sharing it with us at All Seasons, Miyako - and you were first, yay:):)

  7. You certainly had the perfect vase for those lovely red gladiolus! Your photos of the Grebe are very lovely.

  8. Lovely post Orchid have a nice week


  9. the handbell music must have been lovely to hear! Beautiful grebe too.

  10. So nice to see this hand bell choir. The sound of it is so soothing. We have one locally. Thanks for linking up today!

  11. Dearest Miyako,
    Lovely handbell performance and yes, I've listened several times to a concert with handbells, It is quite an art.
    Your vase with gifted Gladiolus flowers looks gorgeous!
    And then the Grebe photos... Lots of action and great post.

  12. Hello, what a lovely performance, the girls are talented. I love the pretty gladious. The Grebe is a beautiful bird, great series of photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend.

  13. We have a DVD of a handbell choir. It's such beautiful music! And I love the Grebe. You always frame your photos so nicely too! Hugs!

  14. A sweet group of hand bell ringers. They make a beautiful sound and are a well co-ordinated team. How kind of your friend to give you the gladioli. It displays well. A soothing photo of the little grebe. Happy August days!

  15. The Grebe is lovely. Have a good day, Diane

  16. We all, at I'd Rather B Birdin', appreciate you sharing with us. Thanks!