Sunday, July 7, 2019

Gas Water Heater replacement , Dragonfly and Hydrangea;

*Gas Water Heater was Resewed  *
Our old one (left side) was 12 years old and we were told it's better to change with new one. This renewing surprised me a bit by TWO things.
First; I had no idea about the system. I thought we just bought a new one without functional difference ;-)  Actually, new one has waste heat management function , which means it can save energy ☆☆☆ 
My husband laughed and said "日進月歩" which means rapidly progressing day and age with 4 letter idioms in Japanese.
Second;  You can see the 3 staffs doing the job "Boss/ Novice(beginner)/ Chief"
That was how I call them to my husband. Boss said that it was the beginner's first day for the job and might take a while longer than usual. We were surprised by how boss was skilled and the young one looked really concentrating to learn.  The scene was SO heartwarming for us♬

You can see the suntanned muscular boss and thin cute looking young man with white skin. They came around 2 in the afternoon,  they left around 5 o'clock. 
After the job finished, the chief said something was wrong when he checked. "May  be The Basal plate or Substrate (right word ?)" he said.   So they had to take of the new one and put the old back.  2 days later, chief and other sraff came with another new one. The job finished less than 30 minutes V(^^;)V

     *Two Dragonflies Together* 
  Pseudothemis zonata with Common skimmer;
I found these two butterflies nearby little irrigation reservoir (pond) again.  Last time(link), I only saw the one with white part. This time common skimmer was trying to scare away the other. Maybe Territory thing. How lucky I was that I could take a shot of both of them together♬ 

I wish to add the Hydrangea I found before they get out of season. 

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  1. As the gas water heater was 12 years old and the new one came with energy saving function, sounds like getting the new one was the best indeed. I hope the young staff learned a lot from his boss :-) Those dragonflies are beautiful! I love the colors on them. Nice capture of them together!
    Hydrangeas are very pretty! Have a lovely new week, Miyako san xoxo

  2. Miyako - It seems that you have reaped the benefit of your 12-year-old gas water heater, and in the long run, if the new one saves energy and money, that is a real win! It also makes me happy to know that young people are being trained for these sorts of jobs. We need them! Congratulations on your dragonfly picture! Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!

  3. Smiled about your story of the men changing the water heater. Here in the USA they look very different. They are round and about 5 feet long. they stand up by themselves. The dragonflies are so beautiful, and have seldom seen an image or two of them (fighting) - you can be proud of that unusual capture:) Love hydrangea, especially the second capture. Many thanks for sharing all these details of last week with All Seasons! Have a lovely week:)

  4. Beautiful dragonflies. Another nice mosaic Monday post. Have a goodweek

    much love...

  5. The hydrangea looks perfect for just looks like you, delicate and beautiful! Love those 2 dragonflies! What a neat photo!

  6. I love your dragonflies, have not seen them this summer above my garden pool. Perhaps it is too much rain & too little shunshine. I don't know anything about technics :) It was fun to see how eager the apprentice was to learn! Wishing you a lovely week Miyako.

  7. I'm glad you got the water heater fixed. It bothers me when they don't work out the first time :)
    I am so glad to see your flowers and the dragon flies are a wonderful capture, too.\

    My Corner of the World

  8. Glad you got the heater fixed. And lovely flower shots!

  9. It's great to see you at 'My Corner of the World' this week!

    My Corner of the World

  10. Hello, I am glad your hot water heater is fixed, the newer units are so much more energy efficient. Gorgeous flowers and I love the pretty dragonflies. Great photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend. PS, thanks for visiting my blog and for the nice comments over the years.

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