Monday, March 11, 2019

Went to Prefectural Office to do two Errands etc;

To buy Mouthpiece Cushions
On 5th, I went along with my husband to Prefectural Office to do TWO errands. One of them is to buy Mouthpiece Cushions for his Saxophone (Couldn't find the kind he needs in our city).  
By the way, one of the bands he belong to (only 4 members) joined at the next city's festival. We left the place right after his stage.  So only one picture and video.  I don't know why I am so persistent; but I struggled with posting video p;-)

I taped the whole performance on one video; I should have taped the each music separately as the video was too large. I've already had a software called "video cutter". But I needed to convert the file to make the file smaller size). I wrestled with some software downloading and deleting for a couple of days. Yes, can't understand why I should have (^^;)
Cushion is for upper part of the mouthpiece.
When I first heard that my husband was saying "lead", I had thought it "lead" as a lead-ing part of the sound. Not "REED" which they are made of (˘˘ As we don't use tongue much in Japanese, "L and R" sounds the same

Renewed Driver's License
The other errand is to transportation center to renew my husband's driver's license. To tell the truth, I don't have the license.  As I don't think I'm capable for driving safely or I wasn't sure that I could be cautious enough. 
I think my decision was "RIGHT" p;-)
In Japan, we have a two-month period in which to get our license renewed (one month before and after our birthday) before it expires.
This page has an elaborate explanation about these 3 types of licences. 
Although he was worrying about his eyesight to get the gold one, he could have it. 
There must be that kind of differences in every country.
Japanese Tit and Narcissus
I found Tit several times from the tree in front of my house during these cold season. This bird sure is nimble and agile (hope these are the right words). They don't sit still long enough for me to take good photos.

During the daytime on a fine day, I feel like the spring is around the corner.
Hope you all are starting to feel a bit comfortable season.
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  1. Miyako - our son used to play bassoon, and although it was easy to find reeds for his instrument, they were expensive! How interesting that you had trouble with your video this week. I also had to perform significant editing on my dog sledding video, and it took almost a whole day to load a 10-minute video to YouTube. I am glad that I started early … Your husband's group is very talented - I enjoy listening to the music. In the US, we do not have different licenses based on eyesight, but maybe we should! We had a very sunny day, and I can start to think about spring, but only think - it is still at least 6 weeks for us! Thanks for joining Mosaic Monday, my friend!

  2. Are these narcissus/daffodil flowers? Your capture is beautiful!
    How nice to have actually two months to renew your drivers license! But here you have only one kind (for cars, the ones who have a big truck or a bus, or a motor-cycle have a different kind of license). Hurrah for your husband to get the golden kind of license!
    Here in the USA it is almost a must to have a driver's license, especially with children. Also, even in the city like Los Angeles where we lived before, there are so many places only accessible with a car.
    Oh yeah I remember, our daughter when she was a teen played the sax (alt sax) how important the right mouthpiece is! This was a great post to share at All Seasons, Miyako! Thank you and have a lovely week:) Jesh/Junieper

  3. The video is wonderful, Miyako san! Great performance! I've struggled with editing video before, too. But it was fun once I got to do what I wanted. Mouthpiece cushion is a kind of cushion I'm not familiar with :-)
    It's great your husband got gold license! Japanese Tit is adorable and narcissus are so beautiful. I remember narcissus blossoming in and around my home in Japan. I love their soft colors.
    Have a wonderful new week, Miyako san xo

  4. Lovely music - your husband has a great hobby. The daffodils are pretty and the little bird is so cute. I have a driver's licence but do not drive :)It is easier to let the husband do the driving!

  5. Love the pretty Spring flowers! And your sweet little bird! Enjoy your week my friend! Hugs, Diane

  6. Dearest Miyako,
    You're still ahead of me as editing our video tapes etc. is my last project to do... Not yet downloaded my software for doing so.
    My best friend's husband (in The Netherlands) will know what you mean by mouth piece cushion as he too is a musician. We have no clue!
    Lovely bird photos and yes, we are enjoying full spring unfolding here!

  7. Those daffodils are lovley

  8. I played the clarinet years ago and remember always making sure I had extra reeds. Here having a drivers license is a must. Hard to do anything without one. Thanks for linking up

  9. Hello, Miyako! I enjoyed listening to your husband's band. They are talented. I am sure the festival will be fun. The little bird is a cutie, great photos. Pretty flowers, our's are just starting to pop out of the ground. Thanks for linking up and sharing your post today. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend.

  10. I haven't thought about playing sax for years, I played baritone sax in school many years ago! What a blast from the past! The birds are so pretty and you captured them so well. Thanks for linking up at My Corner of the World this week!