Sunday, January 13, 2019

Part 2 of husband's friend's Garden and birds etc;

From Garden and Field of my husband's friend
Mother of the Lady Key-Board player of the band my husband involves is taking good care of her garden and growing vegetables. She kindly took me around and helped me taking pictures. The first flower is "Oxalis", the tree in the second picture is "Coral Bush". 
I am really Thankful for her kindness.

I was surprised to know first time about the pea. Right now you can see only leaves
in the first two pictures below.  It is called " King Tut Purple Pea: Pea of 
We can cook red colored rice with the peas. I may be able to have a little share from her.
                             Link pages of the pea and the cooked rice.
*Other Vegetables*

Her mother took care of the pansy her daughter bought at the "Yamaguchi (山口)Yume Expo" when we went there together. Happy to see the flower keeps blooming beautifully.

Tried to see my first bird
Last Friday, my husband and I  went to the "Kirara-Hama Nature Observation Park".  The Osprey caught the fish "Mullet" (my husband told me the name of the fish) looking proudly:-)  My main reason visiting there was to see the the Water Rail (Rallus aquaticus) I've never seen.
My pictures of Water Rails are the blurry ones I took form very far. To make how the bird looks clear, I added the picture from the home page of the park. Sure is the cautious bird, but when 2 people happened to walk into the arbor "azumaya 東屋”, the bird got scared and flew. The staff said it is rare we can see the bird fly as it is hidden most of the time.
Although very short and not clear video, I felt lucky.

Female and Male Red-breasted Merganser from very far.
*Dunlin. black-headed gull. Grey plover*
I loved this sweet looking 
Grey plover 

I thought this gull with funny beak is interesting :-)
Thank you very much for stopping by;  I wish you all had a good start of this year;
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  1. It looks the garden is taken care of really well. Oxalis flowers have unique and pretty stripes, and Pansies are blossoming so beautifully! How lucky you are to get the rare sighting of Water Rails. And very regal looking Osprey! Birds resting on poles above water together are spectacular. Great photos, I enjoyed them a lot as always :-)
    Have a wonderful new week, Miyako san!

  2. Such lovely photos, I am not a gardener but I do love photos of gardens

  3. Dearest Miyako,
    Lovely flowers in that garden.
    Are those photos from winter time?
    Sending you hugs,

  4. Beautiful gardens, flowers and vegetables! Your friend has a “green thumb” (that is what we say about people who, it seems, can grow everything so well). It will be wonderful if she has peas to share! And your birds are wonderful. I saw the rail in your video ...standing and f,ting...just lovely! Congratulations! And fun to see the osprey enjoying a fish dinner! We have mullet in our canal here in Florida!

  5. Miyako - the gardener is obviously very professional with the look of the covered beds and the disks to scare off the birds. I enjoyed the osprey picture with the mullet - it is a large fish and I am amazed that the osprey could fly with it … I am happy for you that you got the pictures and video of the Rail - another bird to check off your list. Have a wonderful week, and thanks for participating with Mosaic Monday!

  6. What a well cared garden this lady has! Coral bush can be bought in Finland at Christmas time at the florists'. Your photo manipulations are adorable & so skilfully done. Happy MM.

  7. Wow, the oxalis flower is so beautiful - never seen before! Also, I have tasted red colored rice - does it taste like black rice? The blue pansies are stunning (blue is my favorite color!). You have a great variety of birds/ The one with each on their own pole, made me laugh:) Quite a lovely post, Mayako - many thanks for sharing with All Seasons! Wishing you a beautiful week!

  8. I wonder if the yellow oxalis that grow wildly over here is related to your red and white oxalis. It reminds me of peppermint. Your bird photos are so charming.

  9. What a beautiful selection of photos .I live to watch osprey fish, unless they are catching more than me LOL

  10. Your photos are always so lovely to see! The gulls on each of the old pier posts is so fun!! Thanks for linking up to My Corner of the World!

  11. Such a wonderful gardens! That oxallysis was particularly beautiful! Loved the osprey with its fish!

  12. Nice to see someone who is interested in growing flowers and vegetables. I also enjoy growing them. Thank you for linking up, Miyako.

  13. Very beautiful pictures and flowers. I think some of them I never saw before.
    Thank you for showing.
    You have a very good blog. I like it.

    Many greetings

  14. Hello Miyako,
    The mother's garden is beautifully cared for and how wonderful to have fresh vegetables now. Your bird photos are lovely; I especially enjoyed the plovers on the pilings in the water, each one to himself.

    Have a nice weekend,

  15. The last shot is a Shoveler Duck with his feet up scratching himself. Great selection of bird shots. i hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  16. I always enjoy looking around gardens as they're inspiring. I like to see different plants from what we grow in the UK. Your friend has a well-organised garden. Love the lettuces and other vegetables. How wonderful to see so many water birds, including the rare water rail!

  17. Hello Miyako, the flowers are all so pretty and colorful. Wonderful bird sightings, I love the Osprey and the Rail. The duck is pretty, love the Dunlins, Plover and the Mergansers too. Wonderful photos. Thank you so much for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your day and weekend. PS, I appreciate and thank you for your comment on my blog.

  18. Great looking garden and an equally pleasing selection of birds. The Osprey with the fish is especially terrrific.

  19. I love your photos. We are in a deep freeze.
    Our osprey migrate, as all is frozen here!
    (ツ) from Cottage Country Ontario , ON, Canada!

  20. Here's hoping for you a beautiful week ahead, and good birding ...thanking you for letting us experience your blog post linked at I'd Rather B Birdin'.

  21. The Osprey looks like it has more than he can eat! But will he share? heehee! Love the gulls, each on their own post! Beautiful photos sweet friend. Enjoy your day!