Sunday, December 10, 2017

Trip to Hokuriku-region part 2 etc;

*Old style Japanese Thached Roof *
One of the high-lights of the trip with my old friend is visiting the picturesque "Suganuma Gassho-style Village"  in Toyama-pref. ; where is designated as "World Heritage".  
Links to 2 pages of picture and about the place.
Really impressed to see thatched roof for the first time. Sorry for the butterbur flowers, needed to cover us standing there.

*Shiroyone Senmaida "白米千枚田"*
A Thousand Rice Paddies in Shiroyone.  The rice terraces located in Shiroyone town, Wajima City of Ishikawa Prefecture. These green rice paddies create a beautiful and bright contrast to the background of the blue sea.  And it was registered to Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems.

And the ducks I found in the nearby river lately.

*Chirihama Drive Way*

The Sandy Beach,  only beach where cars are allowed to drive in Japan,  is 8 km long and has a road-width of 50 m. So lucky that my friend I were seated the front seat so that I could take video for you to see ;-)

*Yamanaka-town Kaga-city, Ishikawa,pref *

  One night, we stayed Yamanaka-Onsen Hot Spring. Just a pictures of entrances ;-)   
In the city, I happened to be able to visit the Memorial Hall of my favorite late actress who also had been the MC of  TV variety show.  Really glad with the happy surprise♪

*Colorful Orchid from the Exhibition this year*

Today I had 6 guests who came to make Mochi(rice cake).
Having a bit colder weather for Dec. ;  Take Care of yourselves ;-)

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  1. A beautiful post filled with so many wonderful images.

  2. What lovely photos and liked the clip as well, all in all I am glad I dropped by for a visit today

  3. How interesting, I just showed a thatched roof in the Netherlands in my post last week in my weekly post:) So many beautiful and interesting things in your post this week for All Seasons, Miyako - thank you! Would love to see rice paddies in Asia with my own eyes (I probably did see them in Indonesia, but I was too young (younger than five) to realize, what I saw!
    Have a beautiful week and am curious how the rice cakes taste:)

  4. Miyako, you have spoiled us this week with so many beautiful images and blended mosaics. What an adventure it must have been to drive on the beach and see those amazing sand sculptures up close.
    Happy Mosaic Monday, my dear friend.

  5. Beautiful Gassho-style architecture! As well as Kenrokuen, Gassho-style Village is one of the places in Japan I really want to visit!
    Shiroyone Senmaida looks another beautiful place. I love how it is situated by the ocean. Enjoyed the video of Chirihama Drive Way. Looks like it was a smooth and relaxing ride with gorgeous scenery. Reminds me of the time I visited Daytona Beach :-) Lovely photos from Yamanaka-Onsen and the memorial hall!
    It's been cold here, too. Please take good care of yourself, Miyako san xo

  6. What a beautiful, interesting post! I love historical sites and must put Suganuma Gassho-style Village on my bucket list! Thank you Miyako! Happy Monday!

  7. I love your drive on the beach! I really enjoyed driving on the beach when I lived on the Gulf Coast of Texas.

  8. The images are gorgeous and inspiring.

  9. Dearest Miyako,
    Wow, that ride in the bus alongside the beach was so very unique.
    Never have I seen such a wide sand road alongside the ocean.
    As for those old thatched roofs, that looks so similar to many homes in The Netherlands.
    It was very common there and even Pieter grew up in such a 17th Century home with a thatched roof. Very high in insurance premium in general, due to high fire risk.
    Lovely photos, you lived through an interesting time.

  10. I love the houses with their thached roofs. All photos are very beautiful, I always enjoy visiting your beautiful blog.
    Love & hugs from the snowy Finland ❤️

  11. Your posts always have such a variety of places and photos to go with them. I am used to seeing thatched roofs in England; I didn't know they occurred other places! Have a wonderful week!

  12. Such pretty shots! We have a lot of thatched roofs in England.

  13. Lovely photos, and who would have thought of thatched roofs in Japan. Very cool. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Great photos, as usual! The flowers are just gorgeous.

  15. Beautiful post Miyako.... that living history village was a great way to learn...

  16. Very beautiful thatched roofs. I had no idea they used this style in Japan. Reminds me of England!

  17. Nice seeing these thatched roofs. I always enjoy seeing the ones in England and these are beautiful as well. Thank you for linking up today, Miyako.

  18. Thank you for your lovely post Dear Miyako, it was really nice to read through it.
    Beautiful village, well laid out and to see the rice paddies.
    I also enjoyed the video of the beach drive along the sand! It sounded like a constant commentary too ;D)
    I'm glad you were able to visit the memorial, it's always makes for a happy holiday when these unexpected things crop up.
    Good cheers to you and your husband :D)

  19. You had beautiful Kenrokuen Gassho-style villge in Japan, I was going back to see in Japan,
    nagaikoto wasra mashita, Ogenki with Miyako san and your husband, Michiko

  20. A very pretty village, Thise ducks are Gadwall.

  21. Hello Miyako, The village with the thatched roofed cottages is pretty. The fall colors and tree are lovely. I like the cute ducks. The sand sculptures at the beach are amazing. Beautiful orchids. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  22. As always, thanks for sharing your post with us at I'd Rather B Birdin'. Happy Holidays to you and yours.

  23. What a lovely post Miyako. I love the thatched roof and the pretty building. Also my favorite which are ducks. ... Michelle