Monday, November 27, 2017

Collaboration of Two Artists and Brambling part2 etc;

Collaboration with Art and Calligraphy
On 5th this month, I went to see Collaboration Exhibition of two arts; artist Koji Moroi and calligrapher Chiho Ikeda.  It was first for me to enjoy and fascinated by the Installation Art.
Installation artist creates their artworks for specific locations, enabling them to transform any space into a customized, interactive environment.
修羅道 Shura-Path
          Left; 龍 Right; 圓   Chinese characters were Written in "Hieroglyph"
The ladies at the reception desk who are the calligraphy members were wearing 
the T-shirts which have hieroglyph designs.

And at the reception desk, I found beautiful Orchid Flower gifted from Ms. Chiho's daughter.  So amazed to hear that the real orchid flowers were colored by laser.
Visitors from the foreign country also seemed enjoying the Exhibition. They were with translator and explained by the two artists.

Bramblings, Redstarts and a couple of other birds were  enjoying breakfast   from the tree in front of my house.
I 've  been wondering what tree this is.

Sympetrum kunckeli(マイコアカネ)my husband found early this month. 

I've had eventful days after my last post.  Short trip with my old friend etc. Among them, a sudden pass away (my husband side).  Without a child, he started to think about after one of us died. "You can never be too prepared." or "Better safe than sorry" :-)


  1. Hello Miyako, the art work and exhibit is beautiful. I love the gorgeous orchid. Your Brambling photos are lovely, it is a beautiful bird.

    Thanks so much for you visits and comments, they are appreciated. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week ahead!

  2. Hi Miyako, thank you for sharing your visit to the art installation and exhibition with us on Mosaic Monday today, it was fascinating. You included some wonderful bird captures in your post also the colours are beautiful and made lovely mosaics.
    Hope you are well and enjoying the season,

  3. Hi Miyako san! Such a gorgeous exhibit. I love the concept of installation art. Shura-path looks dramatic! And I love the exhibitions with hieroglyph. The T-shirt design is very cute :-) I have no idea how to color flower with laser, but it looks quite impressive! Beautiufl photos of critters in lovely autumn atmosphere!
    I'm so sorry to hear about loss of family member. Sending my sincere condolences. I hope you are doing well in this busy time of the year. xo

  4. I have never heard about coloring flowers with a laser - I have looked at your picture a couple of times to try and determine how it was done. Interesting! So sorry to hear about your family member that passed away. We never know the hour; a reminder to all of us to enjoy our time while we can.

  5. I love installation art too! Have never done an art piece like that myself ... maybe it's time:) The birds and leaves are all so pretty! Thank you so much for linking to All Seasons, Miyako. Only ... the link to your blog does not work, you probably don't know. If you like to put in a new link, go ahead! Wishing you a beautiful week:)

  6. A fascinating exhibition. The collaboration between the two different styles has worked well.

  7. An interesting exhibition. I like the murals especially the one with the green leaves. The birds enjoying the berries are pretty. Condolences on the loss of a family member.

  8. Your characters are so interesting as themselves, and suit very well to calligraphic art. Interesting post, wishing you a nice week Miyako.

  9. Beautiful art, and woderful photos!

  10. The exhibit is lovely and I adore your photos. So sorry to hear about the loss of your family member. Thank you for linking up.

  11. Hello Miyako, I wanted to stop back and say thank you for linking up your post. I love all the gorgeous bird and lovely photos. The bird video is great.
    The dragonfly is a beauty, great capture. Happy Saturday, enjoy your day and weekend.

  12. Loved your birds! Also your collages. Not much "into" modern art...just a personal preference.

  13. What an interesting and beautiful art exhibit! The birds are just gorgeous. Nicely photographed.

  14. Hello Miyako, it was very interesting to see the art exhibition. I also liked the t-shirts the ladies were wearing.
    I was fascinated to see the real orchids coloured with laser - something I'd never heard of before, and they look beautiful.
    Your Husband's photo of the dragonflies was amazing!
    Cheerio for now, it's always sad when one loses a family member, best wishes to you and your Husband xx

  15. As always, I found your post most pleasurable. Thank you kindly for sharing with us at I'd Rather B Birdin' this weekend.

  16. Hello Miyako from a cold New York. The exhibition looks like it was wonderful and very creative. I enjoyed the bird video and your lovely way of presenting your photos. I am sorry for the loss on your husband’s side.. Michelle