Monday, September 25, 2017

Stage and New Copy Machine etc;

Opening performance at Karaoke meeting
In the middle of this month, My husband's band group was invited to perform at the Karaoke meeting. They played one popular song. He said that there were some acquaintances among the performers. 

New Copy Machine (for A3 size paper) 
Our oldest copy machine in the teaching room broke. 
My husband wished to have one for his music scores (A3). 
Our second smaller color copy machine is for only up to A4.

Machine has been set (downstairs)
                     *Teaching room upstairs*   
      *Left; after new one came    * Right; before and there was a big one which broke 
     The smaller color copy machine used to be downstairs is in the teaching room now.

Flowers and Bird 
Cluster Amaryllis; Japanese name is Equinox Flower '彼岸花'.Season for this flower♪
We consider around this time of year, the celebration of seasonal change typical of an agricultural society.  And also, The etymology of '彼岸・higan' is from "the other shore of the Sanzu River", which separates this life from the afterlife in Japanese Buddhist tradition. On 23rd, we visited grave yards both sides (my husband's and mine).

Heron in the paddy before rice reaping

So sorry for my long absence...; First, copy machine. And now, my 3 year old 8.1pc(windows) was sent to the maker to replace the "liquid crystal panel". Taking backup, I'm using older one.
Wishing to visiting you soon;

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  1. It seems a time of changes in electronics at your house - which can be a hassle! Is jazz a big thing in Japan? (With that I mean if it's very poplar?) Of your flowers my favorite are the white ones. Incredible and stunning! Many thanks for showing what's going on in your seasons! Have a beautiful week:)

  2. Oh my those flowers are so beautiful, I love the shade of the red ones. The birds are lovely as well. It looks like you have some new state of the art equipment which os always fun, Happy Week~

  3. Morning Orchid, it seems that we were both suffering from technical difficulties last week, hopefully all is well with your machines now.
    Lovely bird and flowers captures, especially the heron in the paddy field before the rice was harvested.
    Wishing you a very happy Mosaic Monday and a great week.

  4. Hi Miyako san. I enjoyed the video. The performance looks and sounds wonderful!
    Yay for the new copier. It fits as part of room decor nicely! Higanbana is beautiful in both red and white colors.
    It must be inconvenient that you have to use the old PC. I hope you have the newer one back to you soon. Have a wonderful week, Miyako san! xo

  5. Greetings to you! It's always enjoyable getting new stuff to work with, enjoy it. Your photos are all so uplifting and pretty.

  6. Dearest Miyako,
    Oh, there is always another surprise coming around the bend...
    It is aggravating when one of our electronics breaks down. We can't live without a copier, nor without our PC.
    Hope yours gets fixed and will be working fine again.
    Your copier seems to be a perfect choice!
    LOVED the performance, I was viewer 9...
    And the rice paddy looks so special before harvest.
    Learned more names for this Cluster Amaryllis as is is often called Spider Lily here and I just found out they call it even Hurricane Lily, guess because it blooms right during hurricane season... Yesterday, while biking together we even saw a large group of red ones bloom in a ditch. In our garden we have red ones.

  7. Lovely shots of flowers and heron.

  8. Such beautiful flowers and bird! That red is a gorgeous colour. Enjoy your new equipment! Coming over from nature noted and wishing you a happy day!

  9. Technical problems are so annoying. I am glad you were able to find a good replacement printer and hope you get your PC back in good shape. Glad you had a backup. The flowers are so exotic and lovely -- the red is my favorite, but both together are beautiful.

  10. That cluster amaryllis is a new plant to me, so beautiful especially in white. Modern technology is annoying but also amazing - fitting in such a small place. I wish you an enjoyable week.

  11. Beautiful flowers and heron. Wishing you a good week.

  12. Miyako, Listened to the music as I found out the copier was broken. I loved the equinox flowers and the heron photographs. I need to visit our departed relatives in the cemetery next month. Seems like we experience many challenges and many lessons as we survive on this side of the flowers. Take care. Talk with you next week.

  13. Electronics need replacing far too often, I think. So much debris. The heron is such a pure beautiful white. Lovely photos. Nice to see you back.

  14. Good day Miyako! I am so sorry to hear of the copier and computer problems as it always happens when you need them most. I loved the video of your husband's band. The song was so cheery to go with the flowers and the bird....Michelle

  15. Miyako, so glad to hear from you today. We all have those computer problems from time to time. We just work through them! I enjoyed the karaoke video!!! Very much!! Thank you for visiting and linking up today. I hope you have a great weekend!

  16. Hello Dear Miyako, lovely to catch up with you again.
    How nice for your Husband's band to be invited to play. They look so professional and at ease.
    I hope the new copier is working well. I liked the 'before' and 'after' photos. There seems to be a lot more room :D)
    It was interesting to read about the Equinox Flower, and to see it too - so pretty with delicate tendrils. Lovely colours also.
    Great photos of the Heron... they are a graceful bird aren't they!
    Have a great weekend and I hope all is well with you and yours. Cheers! Sue xx

  17. loved the band in the vi=deo and those are lovelly flowers and Egret. Have a wonderful weekend.

  18. Hello Miyako, I enjoyed listening to your husband's band. They sound great! The Amaryllis flowers are beautiful, lovely colors. The egret is elegant and one of my favorite birds. Great series of photos. Our copier always seems to run out of ink, I think it dries up by itself. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  19. Really like the name of your husband's musical group and enjoyed hearing the piece they played. They look like they are having fun! Beautiful flowers, and the heron is so pretty!

  20. Sorry I am late visiting. Bud & I had a family pet of 25 years pass away last night.

    Thanks so much for faithfully linking up & sharing your birds!