Saturday, February 18, 2017

Old Men's Band and nature;

We went to hear the concert played by mainly senior men. "親父バンド / oyaji-band". We affectionately call one's father or senior man "oyaji".  We enjoyed varieties of music. Again, my husband said it would be far better with brass instrument (like saxophone :-)   There used to be an age that the electric guitar dominated Japanese music world among youngsters. 

 * Blue Rock Thrush and  Brown-eared Bulbul  *  
I found this Blue Rock Thrush on the roof of storage shed of  farm machinery.  
So excited finding the rare birdie for me p:-)
These Brown-eared Bulbuls were enjoying (unidentified) tree nuts in the middle of last month. It was the same fine day.

 * Narcissus or Daffodil   from the nearby small park  *  

PS;  About my late parents' empty house.
Thank you so much for the kind comments about the house. We finally made a contract with a family. As they are not going to reform much, my husband's effort painting, repairing the rails of the weather doors etc were worthwhile.  The tiny daffodil in the frame is from the garden of the house.  Although it is a load of our shoulders, having 'Kind of Mixed Feelings' :-)  Have a wonderful weekend.

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  1. Haha, I love how they are called: Oyaji-band :-) They look very stylish and they are cool oyaji playing in the concert!
    Love the photos of birdies and the video. They are so cute eating nuts! Looks like Daffodils are in full bloom!
    Congratulations on the house sale! It must be very relieving but I can understand about mixed feelings, too, as it's your late parents' house. But the house will give a new life to the family and it's wonderful.
    Have a great weekend, Miyako san!

  2. Hello Dear Miyako,
    It looks like there were many bands performing in the concert. Stylish, with their different colours and shapes of guitars! It would have been nice for your Husband if there had been at least one saxophone player amongst them all ;D)

    The Blue Rock Thrush is beautiful, and it must have known you would be photographing... it chose a perfect place to stand, with the matching chest colour! I love how you choose your wonderful frames to complement your photographs. Very creative - especially with the beak reaching into the frame on this one.

    I really enjoyed the Bulbul's video - the fruit is large in their little beaks! (Having a feast).

    The pretty Daffodils have such bright and happy faces - such a lovely spot for them to grow, amongst the park where children would play. I can imagine little ones having fun by picking some.

    It's good news that your late Parents house is under contract now. I too can understand your mixed feelings - of course, many memories there. It's good that it can become a home again, as Tamago says.

    The daffodil from there is a lovely remembrance. Hugs and cheerio for now :D)xx

  3. Dearest Miyako,
    Wow, the best news is the sale of the house of your late Parents!
    Of course that is with mixed feelings as you are forever closing the book from yesterday... But both of you need it in order to return to normal routine again.
    Love the band with 'mature players'!
    And those Brown-eared Bulbul with the mystery nuts... Wonder if it could be a Laurel nut?
    Lovely sight of Narcissus blooming; such a joy to see spring arriving.

  4. Thanks for sharing all the interesting photos. Have a great day!

  5. Hi Miyako,

    Such beautiful photos of your surroundings. The primary colours of the playground in the park are so cheery against the early, spring greenery. Your daffodil pics are so pretty and make me long for the day when ours will bloom in our garden! You artwork is delicate and delightful!

    Visiting from Mosaic Monday, have a wonderful week!

  6. Dear Miyako,
    so pleased for you that you have found a new family to look after your Parents old home, it will e good for the house to have new occupants.
    It seems as if spring has arrived over there, too, we have many daffodils and other sprig flowers blooming here.
    The oyaji concert looked like an enjoyable event, good to see some not so oyaji musicians playing too.
    Happy Mosaic Monday

  7. I understand your mixed feelings about your parents home ... but good news for you, too! Fun post. Fun to see the band. I enjoy seeing the birds in Japan ... the blue rock thrush is especially lovely. Wonderful daffodils. I'm ready for some daffodils! Happy Monday!

  8. Maybe Oyadi is a synonym for our Pappa - meaning elderly men at their 50s - 60s. We have a lot of those Pappa Bands still giving concerts and being very popular :) I think it is good, in their field there is no age discrimination!

    Your daffodils are so pretty and your bird photos always so excellent. For being a bit busy I have missed your post about your parent's house. I wish everything goes well with the new tenants and all the best to you - warm greetings & hugs 💕

  9. A humorous name for the band:):) Great photos of the band, the bird, and the flowers!
    The daffodils are beautiful - they still need to bloom here, since I live right under the snow line! I can understand the mixed feelings about your late parents house. It reminds you on missing your parents:)
    Am so happy Miyako that I met you because of ALL SEASONS, and you can celebrate the one year anniversary with all of us!
    Have a lovely week:)

  10. Music, birds, flowers, you have a great all around bog post.

  11. Very nice mosaics. Have a good week

    Much love...

  12. Miyako san!
    Oyaji band no saxophone like saxophone ga Taihen wutukushiku Japanese music.
    Blue Rock ga you had very rare birdie desu ne.
    All family with Happy life for you!
    Watashi mo minichino life ni isogashi desu!
    Ogenkine okurashikudasai mase.
    Tomorrow was 31* atuiotenkidesu in Melborne.

  13. Lovely shots of the spring flowers! Over here, it is snowing again!

  14. Flowers and birds are wonderful signs that spring is soon to arrive. The Blue Rock Thrush posed very nicely for his photograph. The Old Man Band made me smile with their outfits and electric guitars.
    Have a wonderful week, Miyako.

  15. Of course you needed to sell the family home, but it is s understandable that you would have mixed feelings. A chapter of your life is closing and that is one that we never wish for. It will be OK eventually though. And good to know the home went to a family that loves it!

    I loved your birds -- the bulbul is one I don't even remember seeing on any blog (and of course never in real life).... you are finding amazing birds. And wonderful early spring flowers. So lovely.

    But my favorite thing about this post was learning your word "Oyaji" and its meaning. You can probably imagine that it is a word I could use in our daily life. I do love that these oyaji men are active and happy and sharing their talents. That is what life is about at any age!!

    Thanks for this happy post.

  16. Howdy Miyako! It is simply marvelous that the house sold. Yes, of course, you will have mixed feelings with all those memories you have. Those flowers are so beautiful. Your weather must be warmer there than here. It is wonderful that you saw that bird. Bet you both enjoyed that band playing. Have a wonderful week-end, my friend.

  17. Hello, I live in Georgia and I am friends with Tamago! Your photos and the video are beautiful. My cat heard the birds on your video!
    Congrats on selling your parents' home but I know it is with mixed emotions.

  18. Gorgeous and colorful photos with fences too ~ thanks,

    Wishing you a Happy Day ~ ^_^

  19. Glad to read that you were able to sell your parent's home. I know that comes with its own emotional issues, but I hope you can move on in a positive way. Thanks for linking up today!

  20. Hello Miyako... Happy that you were able to sell your parents house and photograph a rare bird and some lovely flowers...Michelle

  21. The band looks like they are having fun and I bet it was fun to listen to them. My oh my such pretty daffodils/fences. We are slow this year to have flowers blooming. The daffodils are barely up out of the ground. It was an unusually cold/snowy winter here this year.
    Enjoyed the birds too. It's fun to see new birds. Happy your parents home sold. I know how hard it can be to see a family home have new owners but remember you get to keep all the great memories of them and the home.

  22. Hello Miyako, congrats on the rare bird sighting. It is beautiful. I also like the Bulbul. Great shots of the birds. The daffodils are pretty, looks like spring has arrived. I can understand your mixed feelings about your parents house, I think the new family will enjoy living there now. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  23. Isn't it exciting to find a 'rare bird'?!!! I know just how you feel. I finally found a bird I've been searching for for four years!!

    Love the Old Men's Band and the beautiful flowers.

    Of course, I always enjoy your blog posts.

  24. Thanks so much for sharing this post link at I'd Rather B Birdin' this weekend. You always have such a wonderful photo series.

  25. You have a whole flock of birds. Our spring flowers have appeared, though it's a bit too early for them. So far, we've had a mild winter, hard to tell what is to come in the next month.

  26. Hi Miyako!
    Some of those 'oyaji' look quite young to me! I am sure I would have also enjoyed this concert. I loved seeing your rare bird and the wonderful natural scenes in your part of the world. I am very happy for you that you have sold the house, but I understand the mixed feelings it must be causing. I wish you a happy week ahead!

  27. How fun to see the band perform. That don't look all that old. As always, your bird and flower images are stunning! Thanks for participating in Friday's Hunt. Hope you have a great week!